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Houseguests Share Their Thoughts on BBCAN8 Ending

Houseguests Share Their Thoughts on BBCAN8 Ending

APRIL 3, 2020 | Posted By: STAFF





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It’s been an overwhelming couple days and it’s taken me some time to write this. First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone involved in @bigbrotherca and @globaltv family; from casting to production to all the houseguests. It was an experience of a lifetime that I’ll never forget, I got to experience the highs and lows of it all in that short span and made some amazing friendships. Although I am dissapointed the dream got cut short, it’s for good reason as there is something MUCH bigger going on in this world that requires more attention. Secondly, i want to thank everyone that supported and showed love throughout this journey, it means the world to me and hope I made ya ll proud, from family to friends to anyone watching and the endless amount of msgs over the last few days from fans from all over the world have been crazyyyyy. To see that my message of strength, kindness, humility in times of adversity touch so many people has filled my heart. Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful wife @preety_15 for supporting me through this journey and being the one to push me to go out and try this out in the first place. I did it for YOU. I can never thank you enough for the motivation, love and support you provide all while being an amazing mother. You gave me the greatest gift in this life that is our little girl! “You’ll always be my girls” and above it all, I hope I made you two proud! It can never be put into words what you mean to me so I thank you🙏💪❤️

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John Luke




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Being on Big Brother Canada has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I feel extremely blessed to have met all the remarkable people that I now call my forever friends. This experience has taught me more about myself than anything else. It has taught me about my strengths, weaknesses, and especially the need for loyalty and trust. I’ve learned a lot about the tendencies of others, how to stand up for myself and the people I care about, and how we are all uniquely different but all connected. 💕 Thank you to @kassting , @bigbrotherca, @arisaroo and everyone involved in production for making my dreams come true. Redemption cast for BBCAN9? Lol #bringmeback And a verrrryyyy special shoutout and thank you to @samsipsteaa @lauren.vivor @realityxwinst0n @bigbrother_nicole @snake_woman_etn @realityxriley @kogaesthetic @softiesissy for all your time and effort spent making this beautiful video! 🥰 you all are amazing!!! #bbcan8 #bestfans

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You guys… THANK YOU so much for ALL the messages and support. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t devastated by the cancellation of the show. If competing on Big Brother was a profession it would be my dream job. I genuinely respect and love every aspect of the game, which is why I’m willing to dedicate every fibre of my being to accomplish the one goal I have towards this game. I can confidently say I didn’t do this for all my fellow super fans, I didn’t do this for my family/friends and I didn’t do this for more followers.. I did it for me because thats what he taught me. All the love and support is really helping me stay positive… so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH. #bbcan8 #sheldonjean

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Well guys tonight is the finale of our season cut short! Even though my removal was a few days earlier and sucked as much as anything could suck, I’m taking nothing but positives away from it! I wanna give a huge shout out to @kassting for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity! @bigbrotherca for allowing me into the house and the chance to play the greatest game ever! All my houseguests that i 100% pissed off at some point, you guys are all amazing people nothing but love for you all. My wife and kids for allowing me to play this game and taking the day to day till of life head on without me…… I’m super gutted for the production team who always went above and beyond and made life in there so much fun. Those are the real MVPs thank you all so much!….. I really hope more of the positive things about that experience are shared! There are so many awesome moments that need to be cared more then a few bad ones! #bbcan #bigbrother #bbcan8 #bbfam #thankful #yyc #alberta #nothingbutlove @susannefuda @thegamechangerchriswyllie @brooklynwarnock @sheldonbbcan @minx_ly @vanessaclementz @hiradeol10 @madelinenunz @rianneswanson @michealstubley @johnnynoflow @angiebbcan8 @carolrosher @kiingjam and I don’t know what nicos is lol love you guys!!

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