Invisible hands steer the game

Invisible hands steer the game

APRIL 6, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

The invisible hands in the Big Brother house are pulling more and more strings this week. Santina, the Invisible HoH, has put DJ Dan and Ty on the block with the intention of sending the DJ from Niagara Falls home.

“Being on the block beside Dan is unfortunate…They just better make sure they hit their shot because if I get off the block and I find out who it is, it will be trouble for them,” vowed Ty in the diary room.

As the Invisible HoH, Santina doesn’t want anyone to know she is the one working the house and the houseguests.

“I am not having fun sneaking around. I am out here lying though my ass but this is Big Brother and I am going to play the game,” she laughed.

Part of Santina’s cover is allowing others to believe that Renee is the Invisible HoH, let her shoulder all of the suspicion and blame.

“People do think Renee is the HoH and I am going to pin that on her. Anything I can do to put it off my back I am going to do that,” said an unrepentant Santina.

Unfortunately for Santina the only person she let in on her little secret, the one person she trusted with her secret, has revealed all to his allies Anika, Daniel and Kuzie.

“What I am about to tell you doesn’t leave here as someone put their trust in me…Santina is the Secret HoH. The play is if Ty comes down, Claudia goes up. If Dan comes down, Sanaya goes up,” he said to the others in a private meeting.

The others were overjoyed and thanked Jonathan for the information.

Kuzie advised Daniel to pull Ty off the block. Daniel won the blind Power Heist Power of Veto competition.

“I trust in Santina,” said Kuzie.

Daniel did use his power to his advantage by working a deal with Ty.

“I will look out for you and I will keep the targets off you and Claudia. I think if we get more on the same page is what I want to propose,” he said.

Ty agreed. When Ty was asked who he wanted out next he replied Renee.

“Thank you. Me too! So on that note I won the Power of Veto,” he said revealing his secret.

Daniel was true to his word. At the ceremony, Big Brother revealed through the return of the mysterious figure on the video screen that Ty had been saved. Following up on her plan to break up the foursome of Claudia, Dan, Ty and Sanaya, Santina put Claudia on the block to make sure DJ Dan goes home.

“I feel like Renee is in on it and I definitely cannot trust her any more,” said Claudia about her nomination.

“This is the move I wanted to make and if it makes Ty mad I will deal with that later,” said Santina.

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