Invisible HoH has the houseguests guessing

Invisible HoH has the houseguests guessing

APRIL 4, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

It may be Whodunit Week but the question on everyone’s mind in the Big Brother house is…Who’s got it?

Big Brother’s week of “lies and suspicion” began with the houseguests being given an offer they couldn’t refuse. Except for Kuzie, the outgoing Head of Household, and Hope, barred from competing in this week’s HoH, all of the players were presented with the same proposal.

“Competitions will be played blind and the identities of HoH and Power of Veto will be invisible. But there’s more, for the first time in Big Brother Canada history Big Brother has decided to increase the cash prize received for the season eleven winner. Right here, right now, Big Brother is willing to up the grand prize to $150,000. That’s an extra $50,000 up for grabs. This is your chance to claim you inheritance,” wrote Big Brother to each houseguest.

Each houseguest then was given the opportunity to secretly buy or bid on this week’s HoH with that $50,000. Whatever money was left over would be left in the pot for the eventually season eleven winner. In case of a tie, each houseguest had to submit their guess of what the average bid would be overall among the participating houseguests.

When Big Brother had totaled up all the bids two houseguests were tied so the winner was the one was closest to the average bid. That houseguest was Santina. This is her second reign as HoH this season. She was also HoH during the very first week.

“Being the Invisible HoH is a huge opportunity for me. I am able to take a shot at any of my targets without getting any blood on my hands,” she said.

The only person Santina told about her good fortune though was Jonathan.

“I want to get out the people I want to get out. The person I am going for is Dan S. I want him out,” Santina told Jonathan when they were alone.

“I agree. I feel we can get the numbers against Ty at any time,” replied Jonathan.

Santina wondered too if it would be better to keep Ty in the game for now since he is such a massive target.

“I don’t want to waste my shot,” a worried Santina told Jonathan. “I feel like I can trust you a lot.”

“You can. I would never, ever betray that,” said Jonathan reassuring her.

In not knowing who the Invisible HoH was the houseguests also didn’t know who they should be campaigning to.

Santina initiated a conversation with DJ Dan to see if he could somehow persuade her from not targeting him.

“We are not really close. We have been on separate sides,” said DJ Dan.

“I feel like we have been separate but together,” said Santina. “We are kind of alike.”

“Yeah, in a way. You are definitely not a target in my eyes as it stands right now. I know everyone thinks I am HoH but I am not. The direction I want to go is I don’t want to promise you anything,” he said.

At the nomination ceremony Big Brother revealed to everyone that the Invisible HoH had put Ty and DJ Dan on the block.

“I have nominated each of you for very good reasons which unfortunately for you shall remain a mystery,” said a mysterious masked figure.

“To the Invisible HoH, well done! You have shot your shot. It is a pretty obvious one but I am going to get myself off that block,” responded DJ Dan in the diary room.

“Listen, Invisible HoH. You had better make sure your shot hits this week. If it doesn’t you are going home next,” vowed Ty.

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