Is there hope for Hope?

Is there hope for Hope?

MARCH 21, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

It should go without saying but if there is one thing you should avoid at all costs in the Big Brother house it is being nominated for eviction. Things usually don’t go well for those who agree to be a pawn or even volunteer to go on the block.

Hope has put himself in the line of fire this week by asking HoH, DJ Dan, to nominate him. Hope is disappointed in himself. He discouraged by his finish in this week’s HoH competition. Hope actually did quite well. According to Big Brother he finished fourth with 1,160 points.

“This is my chance to prove to the guys that they can have trust in me,” said Hope of his decision to go up.

As the new HoH, Dan was more than happy to grant Hope’s request to him.

“I am completely taken aback by this but also this is going to make my life a hell of a lot easier,” said a grateful DJ Dan.

What might boost Hope’s chances of staying this week is that Renee is nominated with him. Last week, Renee was the DeadLast nominee so technically this is her second week in a row on the block.

Renee though is ready to fight for her place in the game.

“Renee is never going down without a fight! I am going in for the kill…I have got to get to work! I have got to win that damn PoV!” she said.

Zach continued his strategy of playing coach to whomever is HoH. He warned DJ Dan about Renee and Rob. According to Zach, Renee knows the game and is a “problem”. There is a chance they could backdoor Rob too.

“Rob is the biggest threat to your game. After the competition he was very fearful of you. If he gets power I know exactly who he is going after,” Zach told Rob.

Zach explained his strategy in the diary room.

“If I let Rob linger and build more relationships, which will undermine the ones I have, he becomes a massive threat to me down the road,” he said.

Meanwhile, Daniel also had an insightful read on the house. He is well aware two sides have formed and that he, others are positioned in the middle of that tug of war.

“There is a very clear boy alliance (Rob, Jonathan, Ty and Zach). Those four boys they are always in rooms. Then, we have Claudia, Renee and Shanaya. They are friends. They are not putting each other up. Will they go against each other eventually? Yes, but when anyone is scared to go against them, they are going to go for the middle. It is very clear who the people in the middle are: Me, you, Kuzie and Vanessa. We are the free agents. We are the ones who aren’t getting pulled into rooms when s—t is going down and Dan’s one of them too,” he said to Anika and then pondered a ‘middle person rebellion’ when she was out of sight.

Will Hope or Renee be able to save themselves? Stay tuned.

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