‘It was a little bit shocking to see them switch so quickly’ says latest Big Brother jury member

APRIL 18, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

‘It was a little bit shocking to see them switch so quickly’ says latest Big Brother jury member

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It is always difficult to see your Big Brother dreams come to an end. It stings even more when your exit is paved by someone you thought was your ride-or-die, perhaps even a close friend in the house.

Everything was going so well for Kayla Clennon, the volleyball coach from Stouffville, Ontario, until the wrong words were whispered into the right ears causing her own ally Avery to question her loyalty.

John Powell: Congratulations on making the jury! What are your thoughts about your chaotic week in the Big Brother house?

Kayla Clennon: I am good! I am a lot better! I spent a lot of time yesterday jotting down notes, trying to put together the strings of the web of what happened. I’m here with my feelings and I think I’m starting to really click in as to why certain things might have happened.

John Powell: You are sitting there talking to me today. Who do you ultimately hold responsible for that?

Kayla Clennon: You know, I love them but I do think that Anthony and Lexus had a big part in why I was not only on the block but also evicted. I think that Anthony, Lexus and Tola were working a lot closer than they have led on or they wanted anyone to believe.

I think the fear of Lexus going up as a pawn, which would have happened if it wasn’t me being next to Tola, I think that worried them and threatened their position in the game. So, they had to find somebody else and that was me! It was easy! With my comments about what Goose (Elijah) had said to me about Spicy and the “backdooring Bayleigh” fiasco, those were the icing on the cake for them and the little bow on top of the present. Those things really helped them kick me out of the game.

John Powell: Why do you think Avery ended her alliance with you and how do you feel about the how everything went down with her?

Kayla Clennon: I do feel a little, I don’t know if betrayed is the right word, but I do feel a ‘type of way’ about it because I spent every day with her and Spicy.

I know that I was the most open with them. So for them to believe the stories that were being told about me and the fact that they even considered those stories was kind of a hit at me. I thought I had done so much to show my loyalty to them. It was a little bit shocking to see them switch so quickly.

John Powell: Why didn’t Avery do a “check in” with you before the Power of Veto ceremony?

Kayla Clennon: That is still a question mark in my book as well! I don’t know if it was out of fear that I would have exposed something else but it’s funny because anything that I would have exposed with her I was also involved in! That’s why again it’s still a question mark in my mind as to why she didn’t have that conversation with me. Maybe she was just really set on me being out of the game especially because there were comments that apparently I made about her and specifically about her game. I think she didn’t want to take the risk of me staying and taking a shot at her later.

John Powell: You were so close to her. Why do you think she took other people’s word over yours?

Kayla Clennon: I think it was how it was communicated and by whom it was communicated. Lexus is so elegant and so well spoken. Anthony is so wise and good with his words. We always made this running joke that we shouldn’t go talking to Anthony about our decisions because he’s going to try and convince us as to why that or this shouldn’t happen. (Laughs)

It was easier for her to believe a mixture of those two personalities over me. Even I started to second guess myself when they were talking to me in private conversations. (Laughs) It was hard for me to believe that they were not being as truthful with that but I think it was also easier because there were things that I was very open and honest with and I think it was easier to just keep adding on stuff.

John Powell: You were part of two big alliances in the house. They sent you home when there were other easier targets. Do you think those alliances are crumbling?

Kayla Clennon: I really was trying to be the glue when it came to Hot Chocolate because Lexus and Anthony were working one side of the house and Avery and Spicy we’re working another side of the house. Spicy and Avery vocalized to me more and more about their concerns with Lexus and Anthony, their doubts that maybe they really are working with other people.

Now with me gone, one side has Bayleigh, Todd, Spicy and Avery and on the other side, I think there’s Anthony, Lexus and Tola. I think it’s a bit more of an even playing field now. I’m not sure what to expect for Hot Chocolate but I think if Hot Chocolate were crumble I do think that the girls will stick together.

John Powell: You won two power veto competitions. Were you ever worried that your wins might make you a threat?

Kayla Clennon: No and that’s why I knew that I shouldn’t say anything about Spicy and Avery’s wins because if anything, I wanted our group to take ALL those wins! I was encouraging that and so happy for those for those guys! I wasn’t concerned about wins. I think it was important to get the HoH win or the PoV win just at the right time.

John Powell: Are you surprised that the veterans have lasted so long in the game?

Kayla Clennon: I think they’re still in the game because nobody other than maybe Todd is really ready to take that shot at them. I think that is especially true in Anthony’s case. He has been like a conductor! I think from Week One he’s had a say in every eviction.

I did have a bit of a say in a lot of the other evictions that happened but I think he was kind of the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, a little bit.

I think that people associated Spicy being very close with Anthony so they didn’t want to take the risk of taking a shot at Spicy either.

At the end of the day, we knew that they had each other’s backs so we were a little nervous to take that shot at them. I didn’t want to because they’re on my side but other people in the house? I think that was what it was.

John Powell: What are some of the things you’ll be contemplating when you vote for winner?

Kayla Clennon: I definitely want to use the Q&A session as a really big deciding factor for me…I want to see who’s actually giving honest answers. Even if they’re not the greatest answers or something that doesn’t benefit me, I appreciate honesty rather than anyone just telling me what I want to hear in that moment.

John Powell: Will what led to your eviction affect your jury vote or your considerations in any way?

Kayla Clennon: That’s a good question and a hard one.


I think had I been evicted later on it would have been more fresh in my mind going into finale. I wouldn’t want it to be but I am a realist and I’m only human. I think I would have had those emotions but now I still have a couple of weeks to sit and marinate on everything. I would like to say at this point right now those things won’t.