Jacey-Lynne: ‘I felt like a fifth wheel’

Jacey-Lynne: ‘I felt like a fifth wheel’

APRIL 29, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

When that accursed gummy bear took Gino out of the game, Jacey-Lynne, the social media manager from Thunder Bay, never felt more alone in the house or in the game.

“I felt like a fifth wheel, hardcore. I felt like there was Betty and Josh, even though Josh pissed Betty off and put her up in the triple (eviction), I still felt like there was an opportunity for them to work together and they probably would. And then, Kevin and Haleena were an obvious duo. So, I definitely felt like that fifth wheel. I’m so so upset and so regretful that I couldn’t pull out an HoH when I really wanted to do that but it’s okay. I am not dwelling it but it was very difficult situation,” she said from the jury house.

For Jacey-Lynne it was comforting to have someone like Gino at her side during the entire experience. Someone she could have absolute trust and faith in when things got as chaotic as they did.

“It was amazing knowing that I could always bring any of my ideas or concerns or anything like that to one person in the house. Someone who is so level-headed. He could just totally calm me down, call me out and let me know if I was being a little bit wild. It was great! It was just so nice! Then, there’s also having somebody that I didn’t have to talk game with 24/7. It was such a great release of emotions. I could cry with him. It was amazing. I was really grateful for him,” she said.

Now that they have reunited in the jury house Jacey-Lynne says the couple are just “going with the flow”, keeping things casual and having fun. She is still stunned though about how their relationship grew to mean so much to her in such a short period of time.

“I didn’t expect to really like him or really like anybody in the house so it’s a shock to me! I’m still trying to unpack everything. I think jury house will be kind of nice because we can get to know each other outside of the 24/7 surveillance in the house, so that’d be great. We’re just kind of going with the flow,” she said giving fans of the couple an update.

In her new role as Big Brother Canada jury member Jacey-Lynne says she is placing a lot of value on whether or not someone played a “straightforward and solid game”, people whose actions backed up their words in the house. She will not be awarding the win to “wishy-washy emotional players”.

“I don’t respect that game and so for me that’s something that I’m really looking for. It has to be somebody who played a solid game, stuck by their actions, owned up to their actions and took responsibility for them. If you have a few competition wins in there, I think that also really helps the case,” she said.

Jacey-Lynne is making no bones about the fact that she wants Haleena to enter the jury house next so she can have a “couple of words” with her and is hoping Kevin makes finale night.

“I would really love to see Kevin win, which might be shocking to some people because Kevin back-stabbed me on a couple of occasions but I really think that he’s played such a great game. I think he’s pulled a lot of strings behind the scenes that no one even knows about to this day. I think he’s done a great job but I think Josh also has a great chance of winning and I have a feeling Josh might win the game,” she said.

The two-hour finale of Big Brother Canada airs next Thursday on Global TV.

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