Get To Know Jay Northcott

Get To Know Jay Northcott

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 | Posted By: Staff

Name: Jay Northcott

Age: 28

Pronouns: They/Them

Zodiac: Virgo

Hometown: Toronto, Ont.

Occupation: Theatre Director

Relationship Status: Single

What is your strategy going into the house?

I’m a friendly person! I am going to use my charm to make people not see me as a threat but an ally. As a director, I see myself pulling a lot of strings.

Why do you think you were selected to be on BBCAN10?

I’m a true individual and love that about myself. My work in equity, diversity and inclusion will help Canadians learn more. Also, I think I’m pretty and pretty funny.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you?

Having to eliminate friends. Backstabbing isn’t something I’m good at but you got to do, what you got to do to play Big Brother Canada!

How do you want people to remember you as a player on BBCAN?

I want to be seen as well rounded in competitions and in my social game. I will probably be the flirt of the season!


Fill in the Blank:

My biggest pet peeve is: dirty drains.

My happy place is: with my cat.

My biggest fear is: hippos.

My greatest strength is: leading with joy.

My dream vacation is: jungles of Costa Rica.

My most prized possession is: Kalvin, my cat.

My favourite hobby is: pole-dancing and wakeboarding.

Most spontaneous thing I’ve done is: skinny-dipping at a hotel.

If I could only eat one thing in the house, it would be: ginger beef.

A fact about me that surprises people is: I can walk on my hands.

I get along best with people who: can be themselves. I can’t stand fake people!

My friends/family would describe me as someone who: is unstoppable, I never give up, I fall down and get right back up.

A personal accomplishment I am most proud of is: being a role model for young, queer, BIPOC artists in theatre.


Rapid Fire (choose the answer for yourself):

Hero or villain? Hero

Competition beast or floater? Competition beast

No sleep or no food? No sleep

Intellectual skills or physical strength? Intellectual skills

Backstab your alliance or stay true to your word? Stay true to your word

Gut instinct or pure intellect? Gut instinct

Showmance or nomance? Nomance