Evicted houseguest identifies the biggest threats

Evicted houseguest identifies the biggest threats

MARCH 17, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

While some of the Big Brother houseguests – Ahem, Zach – think THEY are running the house, evicted houseguest John Michael has a news flash for them. Renee and Kuzie are the ones to watch out for, as he told

John Powell: I feel like I’m in some kind of multiverse, some other dimension, because I shouldn’t be speaking to you right now. You should still be in the house. How do you feel?

John Michael: Honestly, I feel so grateful for the experience! I’m overwhelmed with the support of the fans, my family and my friends! I really did have a good time and I’m still having a great time! I’m having the time of my life! I get to listen to music again! I get to sing again!

John Powell: Let’s get right to the meat of the matter, the reason why you are talking to me today. You have had some time to decompress. What do you think of Santina’s move?

John Michael: It’s the worst move in Big Brother history! I think she’s going to look back and realize she is getting played by the boys. She should have really stuck with me. We could have been the power duo of this season! I saw the strength in her ability to win competitions. Where she fell short was, and I really could’ve complimented her, was knowledge of the game. I don’t know if Santina can play this game for herself considering the choices that she did make but that’s where I could have come in. Instead of feeding her lies, I was really trying to guide her along but she’d much rather listen to Zach than me and that really pains me.

John Powell: You weren’t shy about how you wanted to play the game from the start. You were unapologetic. Do you regret starting the game as you did?

John Michael: I would have done the same thing no matter what. I did trust in Zach. I did trust in Santina. My comment about who I wanted to target was really bold but it was all about testing the waters with someone that I trusted. Zach turned on me. I don’t regret how I played. I don’t even think that was the reason for my demise. There was a lot more going on in the house. People were perceiving me as this social player when I was just genuinely being nice and meeting people and wanting to just find people that I wanted to play the game with.

John Powell: This is what confused me. You were in the house for such a short period of time. How could you rise to become this massive threat so early on?

John Michael: I also struggled with idea, that I was the biggest threat. To be honest, there were definitely people that were physically more capable than I was. It would be really bold to think that I was the smartest person in the house. I don’t really think I identify as that, personally.

I think there’s two takes on this. The first take is that I showed the ability to think for myself. I showed the ability to not have this herd mentality and that I wasn’t a submissive person. He’s a physical threat! He’s got the mental capacity and he’s social! Oh, he is a triple threat! The other take, and this is one’s a little bit more personal, in life I do think that when you are different and you show strength, people simply look at that as a threat. It is a little tender to say but that’s just my truth. That’s how I feel. Because the reality of it is everybody did show strength in week one and everybody did show some sort of ability to overcome this game.

John Powell: I agree. In life, there is that herd mentality and if you go against the grain or sometimes express a different point of view that can be very jarring to a lot of people because you are forcing them to challenge themselves and their own beliefs. Besides the boys who did you see as a threat in that house?

John Michael: I kept her really close to me because of this but I actually saw Kuzie as a threat. I mean, I identified Santina as a threat immediately. I saw how fast she did those competitions. I identified Kuzie as a dangerous player because she she was always in the background. She did confess to me but she identified me as a triple threat too.

John Powell: We saw you get really emotional as you were campaigning to save yourself. Was that for real or all a show for the houseguests.

John Michael: When I was in my brown sweater that was strictly strategy. I was thinking to myself as I was sitting there…How do I play this out? Should I do a big dramatic thing? Should I call Santina out? I was going to call her a rat and a snake. I decided to be really emotional because the men would look at that as weakness.

John Powell: In your opinion, what are the house politics like? Who is running things?

John Michael: I think everyone is still trying to get the lay of the land. Ego-wise, Zach THINKS he runs the house. There are just so many egos among the men in that house. I’m pretty sure Ty thinks he runs the house. I’m pretty sure Rob does. I’m pretty sure Santina did. (Laughs)

John Powell: Before we go, who do you think has a good chance of going very far in the game and also who are you rooting for?

John Michael: I don’t know how much you guys have gotten to know Renee just yet but I do think she has what it takes to make it through to the very end. I think that she she’s really downplayed herself. She knows the game as well as I do and I identified that really quickly. So, I do think she has what it takes to make it through. I’m really rooting for Kuzie to make it all the way and I’m really rooting for Claudia. Please take note that I have not said a single man’s name to make it all the way. (Laughs) I really do wish and hope that they pull through and that that they can see things through.

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