Kaela’s BBCAN6 Resume

MAY 9, 2018 | Posted By: Staff

Kaela’s BBCAN6 Resume

Kaela Grant – 25, Saint John NB, Wine Ambassador

Objective:To become the winner of BBCAN6


Relevant Experience:
Competition Beast
At her core, Kaela is as competitive as they come and she was able to use that to her advantage in the latter half of the game to win competitions when it meant the most.

Master Manipulator
Whether manipulating her own showmance, or those who had her game in their hands, Kaela was able to convince those around her that keeping her was best for everyone. Kaela was able to breeze through the first half of the game by making sure she was always in the numbers and everyone’s vote to keep.

Forward Thinking
Kalea’s strategic thinking saw her 5 moves ahead of all of the houseguests (if at times she would need to explain these moves to Derek.) Once she knew what the house’s move was going to be for that week, she was onto strategizing for the next, and the next, and the next.

Kaela’s inability to empathize with other houseguests for their game downfalls will be her greatest challenge in winning over the jury.

Ability to see the larger picture
Strong work ethic and competition beast

The Real Deal
The Seven



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