Get To Know Kiefer Collison

Get To Know Kiefer Collison

FEBRUARY 24, 2021 | Posted By: Staff

Name: Kiefer Collison

Age: 32

Pronouns: He/Him

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Hometown: Old Massett, B.C.

Occupation: Radio Host

Relationship Status: Shacked up

What is your strategy going into the house?
I will be very social. Try to build relationships with other houseguests.

Why do you think you were selected to be on BBCAN9?
I’m from a unique place. I’m Indigenous. I have a weird name, I’m handsome, funny, and let’s not forget charming.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you?
No contact with my family.

How do you want people to remember you as a player on BBCAN?
I hope to be seen as a funny, heart-on-his sleeve kind of guy, and someone who respects the game. And as a beast!



My biggest pet peeve is: people talking about their dreams they had the night before.

My biggest fear is: dying or losing another close person in my life.

My greatest strength is: my heart.

My typical Sunday is: golfing and family dinners.

My most prized possession is: my blue beaded neckless.

My favourite hobby is: basketball, golf, and volleyball.

Most spontaneous thing I’ve done is: jumped off a giant dock in the pitch black.

If I could only eat one thing in the house, it would be: oatmeal, fresh berries, and salmon.

A fact about me that surprises people is: I’ve never gone to college or university and failed grade 9 three times.

I get along best with people who: who can take a joke.

My mantra or words I live by are: Kief it Real, Love Peace Oolichan Grease.

A personal accomplishment I am most proud of is: breaking the cycle.



Hero or villain? Hero

Competition beast or floater? Both

No sleep or no food? No sleep

Intellectual skills or physical strength? Both

Backstab your alliance or stay true to your word? Backstab your alliance

Gut instinct or pure intellect? Gut instinct

Showmance or nomance? Bromance


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