Latest evictees have their say, pick their winners

Latest evictees have their say, pick their winners

APRIL 1, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

They were polar opposites in the house so it should come as no surprise that Jess and Tynesha also disagree on who should win this season of Big Brother Canada.

“The perfect winner for me would absolutely be Summer. That was my ride or die. I know that we’re going to be lifelong friends forever. I know that she hasn’t had the easiest life. She had some struggles recently and I just I want this for her so bad. I think it could be life-changing for her personally, for her career and for her family,” said Tynesha.

Jess, on the other hand, has someone else in mind.

“I would love Kevin to win. I know he’s a very smart cookie but I do feel like he deserves it. Who do I think has a great chance right now though? That is Josh. He has many paths he could go so if he’s intelligent enough to pick the right one and I think that could work. In my heart of hearts though, I hope Kevin can can make it happen and win,” they said.

Jess and Tynesha has a head-on collision in the house this week when Jess nominated Tynesha for eviction. That surprised the model and single mother from Quebec.

“To be completely frank, I think that their HoH was s–t quite bluntly because they could have taken a shot at Moose, although I do love Moose. I just didn’t understand why they would want to keep the two initial nominees that they had put up in the house. They’re gonna come after you! Then, Jess ended up out of the house right after me so I don’t think it worked out in their favor, that’s for sure,” observed Tynesha.

According to Jessica though, they had every reason to target Tynesha but they did underestimated the blowback which happened by putting such a strong social player on the block.

“I think I was their target from the get-go. So, I’m calling bulls–t on that. They were phrasing who I should put up and not really working with me in terms of this is best for the Siblings alliance and trying to convince me that that was actually a thing and I made it clear that it wasn’t,” said Jessica. “I had to put her up. It was obvious to me that I was not a priority and therefore I had to make her priority to go.”

Tynesha believes her social game is what made her a threat to Jess and the other houseguests.

“I think that when it came down to it they started to realize that my social game was very, very strong. I was even getting called a “mastermind” which was mind-blowing. I really was just being me, cooking for the house, doing my thing but I guess they needed to get the head of the snake out,” she said.

On the other hand, Jess believes their social game and being targeted at the beginning of the game hurt their chances going forward.

“Day two and Hermon put me up. When Hermon put me up there’s never been a more direct speech in terms of a nomination. He made it very clear that I was his target. I was targeted as someone who was a player in the house and that made everyone distance themselves from me. It was sort of an uphill battle the entire time. I think people did give me the time of day but alliances formed very early, they can form even before I entered the house as I was one of the last houseguests entering the house. I think there was already a lot of things in play before I even got to say hello to people. I did my best to try to integrate but there was always that push and pull of of knowing that I was never really going to be needed by anyone. They already had plans in place and Jess could be an extra but for the most part I knew I was always expendable to almost everyone,” they said.

In a shocker to many fans, Jess was not permitted to play in the first Chain of Safety competition last night. Jess was equally surprised as they believe they would have had a better shot at staying rather than having to rely on their fellow houseguests for safety.

“I’d love to talk to Big Brother about that because last time I checked the outgoing HoH cannot compete in an HoH competition but when it comes to a safety competition I feel like I maybe should have had a bowling ball in my hands,” they said.

Despite how they went out Jess is proud about how they played the game even though they made a few mistakes during their Big Brother journey.

“I’m proud to be a strong player. I’m glad I lived up to that label. It would have sucked to be labeled that and totally flail. I definitely hit a lot of check marks that some people might spend the entire game and never hit. I saved myself with a veto. I was on the block and didn’t go home. I won an HoH. I think a lot of players won’t be able to say that when they leave the house so I’m very proud of that. I’m proud of my resilience but I do wish I could have integrated better socially,” they said.

While in the Big Brother house Tynesha missed her daughter immensely. It meant the world for her to go home and give her a big hug yesterday. Her daughter had so many questions about the show and the house but ‘mom’ reminded her, it was a school night.

“I absolutely hope that from her watching me on TV that she can take away just the strength that I had. I hope that she’ll be able to have the same strength throughout her life, school, work and everything that she’s going to go through. I tried to stay as authentic as possible. I am just funny, bubbly and caring. I cook and clean for people. I’m a mom so I gave that mama vibe in the house. I just wanted her to see that I was truly myself. I’m exactly the same person here at home when I’m being a super mom to her. I just hope that she is proud of me,” said Tynesha unable to stop from getting a bit emotional speaking about her daughter.

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