Latest jury member: ‘I never saw this as the end of my journey’

Latest jury member: ‘I never saw this as the end of my journey’

APRIL 28, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Last night’s double eviction was the last call for Shanaya Carter. It was a double shot for the bartender who was not only the victim of a double eviction twist but she went out on her ride or die’s Head of Household.

John Powell: How are you doing today? Still decompressing I would think.

Shanaya Carter: I am like in-between spiraling and… It was so emotional. I’m definitely a mixed bag today.

John Powell: How did it feel to go out on Claudia’s HoH?

Shanaya Carter: It felt awful. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. I never saw this as the end of my journey. I’m sure it’s not what she (Claudia) saw either. It was kind of like I said poetic revenge on Ty’s behalf for me using that veto on his HoH. It was devastating. It was devastating for sure.

John Powell: If you had to pick one, who was your true ride or die in the game?

Shanaya Carter: Truthfully, it was Claudia. In fact, we had a final two together, which is another lie I discovered yesterday and that was so shocking to me! I just felt in my heart that there would be no way I could stand next to Renee. Her journey had been so tumultuous and people love an underdog. That is not to say that I didn’t have that journey myself but being on the block four times and surviving is a huge, huge, huge thing in that game. I just didn’t feel that I could win next to her and nor did Claudia. So we saw ourselves going to the end together.

John Powell: Now, you’ve had a little bit of time to go over things in your mind what do you think is was the fatal flaw in your game?

Shanaya Carter: In retrospect, when Claudia said that she was going to put up Daniel and Anika. I should have said: ‘What the heck are you thinking? Don’t do that!’ But, I didn’t. I feel so stupid. I should have taken a moment to do the math and realize that if Ty were to win the veto he could pull somebody off. I wish I had taken a moment to say there was no need to put him up because he’s likely going to win this veto and then at least they’ll pull themselves down and that saves us. That was really huge. That was probably been what did it in for me.

John Powell: You and Claudia both spoke about teaming up with Daniel and Anika, moving Renee out of the picture. What was the thinking behind that? Did you see Renee as that big a threat?

Shanaya Carter: I think in a way we did which I know might sound crazy to say but her social game is phenomenal and her ability to go through so much in this house. Everybody knows about her struggle and what she’s been through because she vocalized it all-the-time! (laughs) We truly felt that we had better chances of winning standing next to Daniel and Anika. The reality was we felt that if we could kind of shift our alliances that way it would just push us closer and closer to the end. That being said, we kind of went back on that because we were feeling guilty…We truly did feel like she was that big of a threat though.

John Powell: What did you think of Claudia and Ty’s relationship in the house?

Shanaya Carter: I will say complicated and a little bit of a Hot Mess Express. (laughs) They truly tried to separate the game from the personal. I don’t know. It’s obviously not working for them at this point. I’ve been there for her through it all. We both kind of had crushes at the beginning and then I’ve seen how it’s grown. I’ve seen the things that I didn’t appreciate that he said to her and it’s been so bizarre watching her try to navigate this very complicated relationship. I’m just there trying to be supportive. It’s all I can say. It’s complicated.

John Powell: Now as a fan, which manga or anime reminds you of your Big Brother journey?

Shanaya Carter: Definitely not Demon Slayer! I was not slaying any demons except maybe my own. (laughs) I’m going to say I could see it being My Hero Academia. I am like this kind of a little twerp that walks up to these challenges and gives it his best but he’s not that good.

John Powell: Yeah, but that little twerp becomes All Might.

Shanaya Carter: That’s true! In a perfect world, I’d say Hunter × Hunter but I am neither Gon or Killua. (laughs)

John Powell: What was it like to have such a good friend as a DJ Dan in the house and what brought you together?

Shanaya Carter: I love Dan so much! I think Dan was somebody that I connected with from the get-go. We have the same sense of humor. We both like to joke about…poop! We both have the worst sense of humor. He was somebody that I could talk to and it felt like I was outside of the game. That was so so special for me because obviously I had that in Claudia but for whatever reason it just felt like no matter what I could be sitting there doing my makeup and Dan would sit with me and we would do makeup together. It was like I was at home with a friend. He is a friend that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. People said that we were like Yin and Yang. We were so silly and goofy. Our sense of humor was the perfect match. I’m so happy I met him in the Big Brother house!

John Powell: Who would you want to follow you into the jury house and why?

Shanaya Carter: That’s a good question! Obviously I want to see Ty walk into that jury house but I don’t think it will be him. I would be happy to see him there though.

John Powell: What will you be thinking about when you pick the winner of Big Brother Canada?

Shanaya Carter: This is such a good question! I think it’s so important to pick someone as the winner who has played an all-around game. I want somebody who can prove that they had social connections, can prove that they had strategy and maybe has won some things too. That’s not necessarily the be-all and end-all in my opinion though. Those competitions, there’s a lot of luck to them. Somebody who can prove that they have really put their heart and soul into every aspect of the game. On top of that, ideally, I would like to pick somebody who I feel has played the game with a sense of humility.

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