Latest jury member rates the gameplay of the final three

MAY 8, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Latest jury member rates the gameplay of the final three

By John Powell –

Fake it until you make it was his strategy and it brought him all the way to the final four.

Todd Clements, a general contractor from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland, wasn’t a Big Brother Canada super fan but through his innate ability to evolve and improvise he lasted an astonishing 63 days.

John Powell: Congratulations on making the final for the Big Brother Canada jury!

Todd Clements: Thank you! It wasn’t my expectation but I made it that far anyways!

John Powell: How you feeling today about your overall about your experience?

Todd Clements: I didn’t really know what to expect going into it because I honestly don’t watch Big Brother Canada. Now that I’ve been through it I’m definitely going to be be tuning in a lot more and watch the previous seasons. The one thing I did know is I didn’t want to become a target right away. So, I just kind of tried my best to stay under the radar for as long as I could. When that Executive Veto was introduced and I almost got voted out, that kind of opened my eyes and I knew it was time to start really playing.

John Powell: Did you ever think that you would make it this far in the game?

Todd Clements: Not a chance! My first goal was not to be that first person voted out. Once I hit that goal the next one was make it to jury and after that the final four.

John Powell: It is fair to say you are not a Big Brother Canada super fan? What motivated you to apply for the series?

Todd Clements:  A couple of my friends thought I would be good for the show. I’ve also just wanted to be on TV. It was just a goal. I am the kind of person who sets goals and accomplishes them.

John Powell: Not being a fan was it hard to find your footing in the game?

Todd Clements: Yes and no. I just didn’t really overthink it because I didn’t really know honestly which route to take. I just kind of went with the flow of things and it just ended up working out.

John Powell: How did you feel about Bayleigh putting you on the block and not Anthony?

Todd Clements: We talked about it and beforehand and I said it was all good…In the end, whomever won the veto really had all the say so it didn’t matter. I didn’t want her to burn any bridges by putting Anthony up.

John Powell: Did you make a pitch to Lexus to stay?

Todd Clements: I said: You know, you can beat me in trivia. (laughs) I also pitched, well in a nicer way, that she hadn’t done a whole lot in the game to get as far as she has so to make a move to get Anthony on the block and take him out would be a pretty good aspect on her resume. Yeah, but it didn’t work but it was worth it. You have got to give me an ‘A’ for effort. (laughs)

John Powell: Had you made it to the jury what would have been your argument for them to vote for you?

Todd Clements: That’s a good one! I haven’t even thought about that question. Well, just the fact that I’m here playing against people that mostly watch the show and are super fans is one thing. That I adapted easily and took myself off the block, those are some pretty good points right there.

John Powell: How would you describe the gameplay of the final three?

Anthony: I think his social game is out of this world! Once everyone gets together at the jury house people will start talking right? I think he’s a great player. He’s a great person. Don’t get me wrong, but in his game sense I think that there’s people that aren’t too happy with it (his gameplay) but I respect it. I don’t care.

Bayleigh: She’s a trooper! She basically started off hot right from the beginning and I’m sure she’s going to end strong as well. She’s very versatile. She adapts to any situation, she does what she needs to do and she’s just played a very, very good game.

Lexus: Umm, she’s just a nice person? (Laughter and then a long awkward pause)

Her game definitely could have been a bit bigger. She could have made bigger moves to make it to the end…She stuck to her loyalty, her morals and stayed with Anthony. I guess they were close which I do understand as well.

John Powell: As a member of the jury of a big decision coming up. What will you be thinking when deciding on a winner?

Todd Clements: That’s something that I’m still really working on. I think I’m more or less going to listen to the speeches and see what people has to say but if Bayleigh is there I can’t see me going against her. We started off together on a good end and we should end on a good note I think.