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Live Feed Spoilers: A mystery unfolds as the HoH questions their choices

Live Feed Spoilers: A mystery unfolds as the HoH questions their choices

APRIL 13, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

This week’s HoH is having second thoughts about the strategy behind their nominations.

Mark, the head of household and one of the Pretty Boys, has gone rogue by nominating Adam and Damien for eviction.

Pressure from the Pretty Boys though has made him rethink his scheme to target one of his own allies and perhaps break away from them.

“I am thinking I might just have to ride out the Pretty Boys all the way. Damn. Damn. Damn!” said Mark talking to the cameras in the HoH Room.

“Adam, you don’t scare me, bro. Listen frat boy, I will take on someone double your size. You don’t scare me,” he said doing his best boxer’s stance in front of the cameras.

Stepping up his game now that he is on the block has brought Adam some unexpected luck.

Adam found an ultraviolet flashlight while searching through the Archive Room.

“Search for clues,” he said to himself as he began shining it around the room.

The live feeds went dark as Adam went to the Diary Room.

When the feeds returned Adam hustled back to the Archive Room took the flashlight and stuffed it into his pants.

As he left the Archive Room with the flashlight hidden away, Adam was asked by Dane if anything was different in the room. Adam said some of boxes were moved around and headed straight back to the Diary Room.

Seeing Adam enter and leave the Diary Room so quickly Dane raced to the Archive Room.

“What did he get?” asked Dane poking around noticing that a tape recorder was missing.

Adam returned to the Archive Room where Dane questioned him about the tape recorder. Adam denied ever finding it or seeing it to begin with. The tape recorder was news to him.

“Big Brother is just f—–g with us now,” said a frustrated Dane.

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