Live Feed Spoilers: A nominee is all fired up

Live Feed Spoilers: A nominee is all fired up

MARCH 18, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Marty is not taking his nomination laying down.

The fraud investigator from New Brunswick let loose on the live feeds after today’s ceremony.

“I am f—–g fired up right now! I am sorry about the language but I am fired up to go right now! Bring that competition! Bring it tonight! I am winning that Power of Veto!” he said sitting alone in one of the bedrooms.

Later, this week’s other nominee Jessica joined him in fuming about their current situation in the game.

“I know there is the Power of Veto. I know there is the vote. I know there might be a tie-breaker. I don’t give a f—–g s—t! He better make sure he has the votes,” said a riled Marty.

“Honestly, Marty, you or I are going to win it. I already know that. I hope both you and I get to stay. I am upset with these nominations. It ruins everything we built last week,” said Jessica.

Marty told Jessica he is furious with their nomination as well. He really thought Hermon would have been sitting beside him.

Betty came in to check if Marty wanted his dinner put in the fridge for later.

“I fear that I will say something I regret if I go out there. I have already said enough stuff to the cameras about it,” he replied asking Betty to please save his meal for him.

“I was going on the block but the speech he gave was f—–g ridiculous,” said Marty to Jessica.

“It lives permanently, forever,” Jessica agreed.

“I own up to it. I am not stupid. I know what I did. I just don’t think what he said was necessary,” said Marty not disputing that he did break his word to Gino and Kyle last week voting Stephanie out and keeping Josh.

“He lit a fire under my ass, let me tell you that!” Marty continued.

Earlier in the day, Head of Household Gino let his showmance Jacey-Lynne in on his plan.

“This is the spiel I gave to everybody. Pretty much I said I lost trust with everyone in this house. I felt like I got backstabbed during what happened. I’m playing the card that I’m alone. I trust nobody. I’m trying to rebuild relationships with whomever will play the game with me. I really had to win this HoH because I know I have a target on my back. It is guilt by association with Kyle because everybody knows we’re close,” he said.

“They (Jessica) are a very, very good player and they are smart. Marty’s going up. I told him in person. He knows already. He’s totally okay with it. He f—-d us hard. I felt really disrespected,” said Gino.

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