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Live Feed Spoilers: A secret power changes the game

Live Feed Spoilers: A secret power changes the game

APRIL 16, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

The mysterious bearer of a secret power has thrown everyone’s game into a tailspin.

One of the houseguests has become the Secret Assassin.

The power was revealed to the houseguests in a living room announcement which was also shown on the live feeds.

The broadcast from Big Brother stated:

“As you have noticed, throughout the season the archive room has piled up with an endless flood of documents and boxes. What you don’t know is one of the boxes contained a special power. This power allows one agent to change the trajectory of the game. This power has been found. The agent who found it now has assumed the role of Secret Assassin. This Assassin earned the right to secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction. The houseguest they had chosen to nominate is Cory. The Secret Assassin’s work is complete. The three nominees now face eviction and the vote will end one of their games.”

Following the announcement the houseguests were stunned.

“You guys found that recorder, right?” Adam asked Dane.

“I found it in a box and now it is gone,” said Dane.

“I played with it. There was nothing inside of it,” confirmed Este.

“I hid it and it disappeared the next day,” said Dane.

Dane and Este hugged and celebrated in the Have-Not Room after the announcement.

“I didn’t find it but I am happy!” laughed Dane.

“Was it you? I think it was you!” said Este.

“No, I swear to God it wasn’t me. I think it was Mark he finally looked into Anthony,” replied Dane.

“I am thinking it is either you or Damien,” said an overjoyed Este.

The revelation also meant it was time for a meeting of the Pretty Boys in the HoH room.

According to Dane, the way they should move forward is to keep Damien, reel him in and vote out Cory.

“So, if one person goes you want Cory gone?” asked a concerned Anthony.

“The only person I cannot guarantee against winning is Cory,” argued Dane.

“What you are saying now is we should go back on the plan and we should get out Cory because that is what’s best for your game?” asked Anthony getting a little bit heated.

“I think the biggest move is to get Cory out. We agreed as a team it should be Damien but I think Cory is the bigger threat to the team,” Dane concluded.

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