Live Feed Spoilers: Blame game, pranks start after PoV ceremony

Live Feed Spoilers: Blame game, pranks start after PoV ceremony

MARCH 21, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Kyle’s nightmare HoH last week has come back to haunt him this week.

Marty used the Power of Veto to take himself off the block at today’s meeting. Head of Household Gino put up Kyle in his place beside Jessica.

Earlier, Gino gave his reasons for targeting Kyle to Jacey-Lynne as they cuddled in the HoH bed.

“I spoke to Marty. He is willing to fix things. We apologized about everything. I told him to trash talk me at the ceremony,” Gino laughed.

Jacey-Lynne said was glad to hear they had ironed things out.

“If I put Kyle up, he is going home. He will go home,” he continued.

“A hundred per cent,” replied Jacey-Lynne.

Gino said he wants the house to know if anyone screws with him, he will screw them right back. Gino called Hermon “very slimy”, another obvious target. Jacey-Lynne said that Halenna had said the same thing to her, that Hermon cannot be trusted.

“She said he is talking mad s—t about us,” she said.

Gino didn’t think he could get the votes to boot Hermon this week.

“If I put up Kyle, he goes home. I am not getting my hands dirty with the other side of the house. They might actually think I am playing a solo game,” he surmised.

Kyle went right on the offensive after his was nominated.

Kyle spoke to Kevin in the HoH room alone.

“I’m actually really proud of him,” said Kyle of Gino.

“You are really proud?” answered a bewildered Kevin.

“As harsh as the (HoH) fallout has been it has also given me an unbelievable perspective on the game, how this game is played and how this season will be played. That has been really nice. I lost my sauce big time. Just them being around me has impeded other people’s games,” he explained. “The bigger thing is that those who trusted me had their games damaged at my hands. Now, I’m dealing with the repercussions of it big time.”

“That’s pretty incredible that you can even put your head there, in that space,” said Kevin complimenting Kyle.

Kyle said he had been put through the “Big Brother wringer” and is now calling himself an “unrestricted free agent”.

Kyle had a conversation with Gino throwing Marty under the bus…hard.

“I know this isn’t a decision you wanted to make. It just was the best thing for your game,” said Kyle to Gino warning him that he will pitch to people that he is going after him but it is all a ruse.

“Marty is my primary target moving forward. Although Marty is trying to wipe his hands of the situation I think his paranoia was the driving force in me putting Josh up and making the week as messy as it was. Now, Marty is working with the other side and I am taking all of the heat for a decision which was pushed big time by him,” said Kyle.

Adding to the chaos today are some odd calls that have had the phone in the house ringing off the hook and causing the houseguests to scramble.

The first call claimed to be from a fan who praised the houseguests.

Then, the crank calls started coming:

“Is there a John in the house? A john to go to the bathroom.”


“What do you call a sleepy dinosaur? A dino-snore.”


“What tree fits in your hand? A palm tree.”


There are also some challenges, punishments.

Betty has to be silent.

Haleena has to chat incessantly about the benefits of slop.

Summer and Gino have been shackled together.

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