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Live Feed Spoilers: Eviction plan is almost complete

Live Feed Spoilers: Eviction plan is almost complete

APRIL 8, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

Following today’s Power of Veto Meeting the final steps in a week-long plan are complete.

Dane used the Power of Veto on himself forcing Cory to nominate a houseguest in his place.

Samantha was put on the block as per the backdoor plan.

Samantha and Estefania are the final nominations for the week.

Samantha’s showmance, Adam, is none too happy with the turn of events even though he is a card-carrying member of the Pretty Boys.

Anthony, Mark and Adam spoke in the storage room after the meeting.

“I feel bad for Sam. I really do,” said Adam making himself a coffee.

Anthony told Adam that Samantha broached the subject of starting a women’s alliance to take down the men with Cory and Este. Samantha’s plan included voting out Adam and Dane.

Adam said he feels horrible because he already knows Samantha is done and there is nothing she can do about her situation.

“We have literally decided as a group,” said Adam as Mark went to check that no one was listening in on them.

“We are all masterminds,” said Anthony.

Adam wondered why they are electing to vote out Sam this week and not Este.

“She is very weak,” Anthony said of Este.

“Yes, she is incredibly weak,” Mark agreed.

Mark predicted that if Samantha won HoH it would be him and Dane going up on the block.

“She just told me if she wins she will put up Dane and Este,” said Adam.

“F—–g b——t. Sam is putting me up on the block again and I don’t believe that,” said Mark.

Samantha spoke with Cory in the HoH room in an attempt to shift the target placed on her. Cory has spent her reign as HoH trying to figure out whose idea it was to use her as a possible backdoor plan last week.

Samantha pushed forward the idea that Este is doing all of Dane’s dirty work.

Kyra walked into the room with a suggestion.

“Just a quick question. Do you want to have a meeting with Dane and Este, all of us later?” they asked.

“Ask them if they want to and if so, sure. Let’s get to the bottom of things,” replied Cory.

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