Live Feed Spoilers: HoH and nominee clash

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH and nominee clash

MARCH 26, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

A war of words…or in this case…which words were used…has broken out in the Big Brother house.

At the heart of the argument is whether Moose termed Betty and Kevin as useless players and not deserving of being in the game when he spoke to HoH Jess. Jess, Moose, Kevin and Betty met in the HoH room to clear the air.

“What Betty was saying to me is that there’s some real harsh words that you (Jess) had used towards Betty to explain what I had said to you,” said Moose opening things up. He wondered why Jess would tell Betty he used terms like “useless” to describe them.

“I just want to make sure there weren’t any very strong words that were used in terms of defaming Betty’s character as opposed to a conversation about the game,” continued Moose.

“I said that you said I don’t deserve to be here, that I haven’t done anything in this game and that I should be put on the block. Those were the three things that I said to you,” said Betty adding context to the conversation for everyone.

“Is that what Jess said to you?” asked Moose.

Betty said that it was.

“Jess, you’re saying that I said to you that Betty doesn’t deserve to be here?” asked Moose.

“No, you said to me…” began Jessica.

“So I didn’t say that. We’re clear on that?” asked Moose.

Jess insisted that nominees Hermon and Moose were deliberately twisting things around. Moose shook his head the entire time as Jessica was floating their theory.

“When I talked to you I was trying to give you a heads up out of respect. I wanted to give you another chance for you to potentially change my mind. I was not trying to fish for information to use against you…” said Jess.

“Which you did but…” said Moose.

“There was no intention of looking for information. I don’t like how you’ve told other people that you think that I’m using this situation or talking to you like I was Kyle. I’m not trying to be manipulative here. I’m not a manipulative person. I’m very direct and honest. I literally was like…I think I’m putting you up and it was your chance to decide to tell me if I shouldn’t or discuss that further. In doing that, you said to me that you think there are players who shouldn’t be here and you listed both Kevin and Betty as people who aren’t players or aren’t proving themselves. That’s what was said to me,” said Jessica giving their recollection of what happened.

Moose disagreed but Jessica continued on.

“When I talked with Hermon I tried to give him the same opportunity. He never told me who he was targeting and through the grapevine and himself directly in admission, which both you and him have admitted that you’ve been saying my name and pitching me as someone to go up. If I’m not being told who you’re aiming at instead of me then it’s safe for me to assume that you all are still aiming at me,” they said. “He tried to twist it as me fishing for information, me trying to get more cards from him, which I wasn’t. I’m trying to have him be honest with me about what direction he’s shooting at and it’s very clear he’s shooting this way if he’s not telling me someone’s name.”

Moose cut Jess off.

“It doesn’t matter what Hermon said,” stated Moose.

“I didn’t like how you spoke about Betty. I have a personal relationship with Betty. As you know, I’m trying to gain agency with people in this house. I’ve been on the outs in this house for a long time and if someone said that I wasn’t a player in this house or wasn’t someone who was competing then I would want to know that I would want to know someone saying s–t about me,” said Jess.

Jess then brought up another issue they had.

“I felt very disrespected by both of your performances yesterday during the nomination ceremony. I felt like I tried to show you some respect by letting you know you’re going up and both of you made an absolute mockery of it,” they said.

Moose shook his head again in disagreement.

“I’m sorry that you feel disrespected by what I did. I feel like I just walked in, sat there and sad about what happened. So I really wasn’t trying to disrespect you at the nomination ceremony. There’s a couple of details that you seem to easily leave out. Was there any mention of the fact that I said I don’t know who I would target as HoH? That is the reason why you said you were putting me up, correct?” asked Moose.

Jess agreed.

“You specifically said that I said they don’t deserve to be here. That was something that was not said, correct?” asked Moose.

“I can’t remember the exact verbiage…” answered Jess stammering.

“Oh, so now you cannot remember it?” asked Moose.

“Here’s what you said to me. Competitors deserve to be here and that Betty and Kevin are not competitors,” snapped Jess raising their voice.

“That is not what I said either,” said Moose.

Moose claimed he told Jess that Betty and Kevin have never been on the block and have not had to fight in that scenario yet.

“You did not talk about them not being on the block,” said Jess.

“Yes I did,” answered Moose.

“At the end of the day, you know what? It’s all good,” said Betty trying to head off the heated argument that was coming.

“They (Jess) are saying they don’t even remember me saying that you don’t deserve to be here because it’s something I didn’t say because I don’t think that’s true,” said Moose.

“You’re trying to pretend that I’ve manipulated the situation,” said Jess.

“You just admitted to not even remembering saying things that you directly said to me,” said Moose.

Betty tried again to bring an end to the discussion but was ignored as Jess and Moose continued debating.

“Moose is here to defend himself and make it seem like I manipulated it. I told both of these people that you said that they weren’t competitors and haven’t proven themselves,” said Jess.

“That is not what I said,” replied Moose saying that Jess cannot even confirm what Moose actually said or didn’t say.

Kevin interjected saying that Moose did confess to him that he threw out his name as someone to be nominated because he hadn’t been active in the competitions.

“Obviously, that’s hurtful but it’s part of the game,” said Kevin.

Moose reiterated that being accused of saying Betty and Kevin don’t deserve to be in the house was what bothered him the most and he never said that about them. Moose accused Jess of adding layers to the lie they told.

“I don’t want us to go back and forth over these words” said Betty to everyone to try and close out the meeting again.

“On my mother and father I never said once that people don’t deserve to be here and doesn’t have value especially to someone like you Betty who has the same upbringing as I do. I totally understand where you are coming from. I would never say something like that about any of you. I would never say that someone doesn’t deserve to be here and that someone doesn’t have value. I would never have uttered those words because that’s disgusting to imagine that someone doesn’t have value,” said an adamant Moose.

“I don’t like the way you are talking to me. You are calling me disgusting and manipulative. That isn’t what happened,” said an angry Jess.

Moose denied that is what he meant or said. Everyone left the HoH room except Betty and Jess who stayed behind to review the situation.

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