Live Feed Spoilers: Pressure mounting on this week’s HoH

Live Feed Spoilers: Pressure mounting on this week’s HoH

APRIL 17, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Just like it has before Marty’s HoH has descended into chaos.

Betty won today’s Power of Veto competition.

“I cannot believe I won something! You tried to get rid of me? I am not going anywhere until I see you out the door, bitch! We are going to save Josh this week too!” said Betty speaking of Marty to Summer on the live feeds.

With Betty surely taking herself off the block Marty’s choices are limited as to who he could put up as Summer has won the Belairdirect Eviction Protection Insurance so she cannot be nominated or targeted this week either.

Earlier in the day Kevin and Betty spoke about their frustrations with Marty.

“I wish you all the luck today,” said Kevin wishing Betty well in the veto.

“Thanks, buddy,” she replied.

“I hope you win even if I am the replacement,” he said.

“I doubt you would be,” said Betty.

“Well, you never know with that tyrant,” Kevin said of Marty.

“If he really wanted to get me and Josh out he might do something like that. He is ‘something’,” she stated.

“Yeah, he is ‘something’. I am getting fed up,” Kevin admitted.

What the houseguests don’t know is that next week is a triple eviction.

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