Live Feed Spoilers: HoH gets even

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH gets even

APRIL 22, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Head of Household Betty has exacted her revenge for being nominated by Josh during the triple eviction.

She has put Josh and Jacey-Lynne on the block.

“I am sorry you feel sad,” said Haleena to Josh in the storage room after the ceremony.

“No, I am happy. It is the best case scenario. It is the best thing that could happen,” answered Josh saying that he, Haleena and Kevin are playing against Jacey-Lynne in the veto.

“If Jacey-Lynne wins the veto she deserves to go to the finale,” said Josh. “If we make it through, it is us against Betty. I hate to do that but she’s smart and she caught on.”

In a desperate bid to stay off the block, Jacey-Lynne met with Betty earlier pulling her into the HoH bathroom so their voices wouldn’t carry.

“I seem like an obvious choice for you to put up on the block and I totally get that. I feel like it makes sense and it is an easy thing to do but I am going to lay out the situation. There are four people left in the house for me to work with. Three of those people have done me dirty now. Two of those people, twice now. This is the second time they have screwed me over and lied to my face. One of those is the same person who put you up in the triple,” Jacey-Lynne warned.

“You are literally the only person that I would consider working with,” she said.

Jacey-Lynne told Betty that Haleena and Kevin were Marty’s “minions” the entire season.

“The head of the snake has been cut off but those two are still running things,” she said.

“It makes sense what you are saying. Obviously, you aren’t my target. You aren’t my target at all. I am just thinking about everything and what’s best for my game,” Betty replied alerting Jacey-Lynne to the fact that she is being considered as a pawn.

Josh then held court with Betty explaining to her why he put her up during the triple eviction.

“I just wanted to say I am sorry for everything that has happened. I want to walk you through why I made the decisions I did,” he began.

“I put up Summer because I don’t think she was good for our game. I decided to keep Kevin and Haleena safe because Kevin used the Power of Veto to keep me safe and so did Haleena. I felt like I owed them,” He said about why he didn’t put Haleena and Kevin on the block.

“Summer was going around making final twos with people. Deals we didn’t even know about. I didn’t feel like I could trust her any more after that,” he continued. “Both Kevin and Haleena said they would keep you here.”

Betty said to Josh that move hurt her. She felt disrespected.

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