Live Feed Spoilers: HoH lays out their battle plan

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH lays out their battle plan

APRIL 8, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

For the second time this season, Gino, the firefighter from Quebec, is Head of Household.

Gino was previously HoH during week four during which Kyle was shown the door.

“I’m so excited for you!” said Gino’s showmance and closest ally in the house Jacey-Lynne as she hugged him close in the HoH room.

They sat down and chatted strategy. Gino has a clear target in mind. That target is Marty.

“I don’t want to put Marty up on the block right away,” said a cautious Gino.

“I know, you can’t,” said Jacey-Lynne fearing, like Gino, that Marty would win the Power of Veto and pull himself off the block once again as he did during Gino’s last HoH.

Gino’s plan is to backdoor Marty so he has no chance to play for the veto.

“I am just thinking of how to do it. Put Moose up with Summer?” asked Gino.

“That is exactly what I would have done,” said Jacey-Lynne.

Summer was the next houseguest to meet with Gino.

“I think we all know what the house wants. It is just how do we do it? I cannot put him on the block right away because that gives him a 100 percent chance of playing the veto,” he told her about Marty while also subtly suggesting the nominees might be her and Moose.

During his discussion with Josh, Gino revealed that Moose had volunteered to go on the block.

“So, you already know who the target is this week. It is Marty. I am just thinking about which way is the best way to do it. Moose did volunteer and if he does it will make things easy,” said Gino to Josh.

Gino laid the same plan out to Kevin, sort of. He left out the Marty backdoor part.

“I think what I might be doing is putting Summer up. The reason is Summer has never been on the block, she has been sliding through this whole house, she hasn’t won a competition and when she plays those competitions it is like she doesn’t give a f—k. It is actually irritating. I also think she is too comfortable in this house. I want to get her uncomfortable and get her on the block,” he said.

“You are also her favourite name to throw out,” Kevin chimed in.

“My second will possibly be Moose. He is a strong player, he is on the other side, he is about to win some competitions. He is also playing the middle right now,” said Gino.

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