Live Feed Spoilers: HoH rattles nominees

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH rattles nominees

MARCH 26, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Two of the biggest talkers in the Big Brother house are now on the block.

HoH Jessica has nominated Hermon and Moose for eviction.

Jess broke the news to both of them before the ceremony itself.

“I’m not aiming in any specific direction. I feel like I said this when we chatted earlier but it’s hard for me to nominate other people who haven’t been saying my name and I know you’ve been saying my name,” said Jess explaining their decision to Moose.

“The way I see it is that you are putting up two people who are fighters and that is pretty tough. There’s been people here that have been sitting around doing nothing and haven’t proved anything to you,” said Moose.

“So name names. Who I should put up instead of you?” asked Jess.

“I think you should put up Kevin and Betty. You should put either one of those two people because they haven’t proved themselves at all,” advised Moose saying Betty especially hasn’t done anything of any worth in the game.

Jess asked Moose if being nominated was going to tarnish their relationship.

“A little bit,” Moose admitted.

“I would expect you to be mad at me. I also know that you’re level-headed person and you can talk this through,” said Jess.

Jess then spoke to Hermon.

“My name has been in your mouth for a month after we discussed a ceasefire. I have tried to squash that beef,” said Jess as they sat across from each other.

“I am going to be saying your name today,” they finished.

“I expected that,” replied Hermon shrugging his shoulders.

Jess asked Hermon if he had anything else to say now that shots were fired. He again shrugged his shoulders.

“I assumed it was going to be the case,” said Hermon matter-of-factually.

“It was still obvious but I wanted to check in,” said Jess faltering.

“I appreciate it. Thanks for letting me know. I am rock solid. I am good,” replied Hermon smiling.

The live feeds then cut and when they returned Hermon and Jess were standing far apart from one another engaged in a heated discussion.

“I doing well holding back my emotions but this is an emotional thing so to ask me in that moment is a little unfair so that is why I didn’t give you details,” said Hermon.

Jess said they expected Hermon to be more upset about the news.

“I think you are a very smart person in general. I don’t think there is anything I can do on an emotional level to sway your decision,” said Hermon.

“It is not about emotion. It is about knowing I am safe in your books and I haven’t felt safe for an entire month,” said Jess.

Hermon said he already promised them safety and that is all he can do.

“There is power in protection and that was my pitch,” said Hermon. “Then, you come in here tell me I am on the block and ask me who I am going to put up next week if I win HoH?”

Jess said they were sorry for the timing of the question and that Hermon was free to “hold those cards”.

“I did tell you earlier that I wasn’t aiming at you and I promised you safety for next week,” reiterated Hermon.

“I feel those are all nice words to hear but unless you are willing to offer that information then it all sounds like a nice song that you sing,” Jess replied to a frustrated Hermon.

When Jess left the room a fired up Hermon spoke to the cameras.

“I feel really bad I am going to put you up on the block. I really hope you understand. By the way, if you won HoH who would you put up?” he said mocking Jess.

“None of your business! How about that? Don’t worry about who I am going to put up. You are trying to weaponize my conversation? Not me! I am not the one! There are people who have to vote. Do you think I am going to throw out their names and have them turn against me? You are absolutely outside your mind!” said Hermon to the cameras.

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