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Live Feed Spoilers: HoH secures their spot in the final three

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH secures their spot in the final three

MAY 3, 2019 | Posted By: STAFF

John Powell –

Big Brother Canada season seven has its final four.

Adam, Dane, Anthony and Kyra have made it to the final phase of the game.

On the live feeds it was revealed that Dane won Head of Household. This is Dane’s fourth reign this season.

With today’s win Dane also made Big Brother history becoming one of 11 houseguests who are tied in second place with most HoH wins during a single season. One of those former houseguests is Big Brother Canada season one winner Jillian MacLaughlin.

As part of the Wendy’s HoH meal Dane got to meet Johnny Mulder from Big Brother Canada 6.

On the eviction show Mark became the first member of the Pretty Boys alliance to be voted out of the game. As the only eviction votes, Adam and Anthony sent him to the jury house.

“The numbers weren’t there to take out Dane. What I should have done is put up Dane and Este and gone for the backdoor of Adam hoping he wouldn’t get chosen for Veto. It is really difficult knowing what is going on in that house and what powers these guys really have,” Mark told host Arisa Cox.