Live Feed Spoilers: HoH wants revenge

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH wants revenge

APRIL 21, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John  Powell – Global TV

Betty Yirsaw is in the final four.

Betty won this week’s Head of Household competition after surviving a harrowing triple eviction.

“This is actually sick! I cannot believe it! Tomorrow is nominations and I don’t have to freak out!” she cheered celebrating alone.

“Let’s do this until the wheels pop off and then he put me up? Get out of here! He is a hundred per cent going up. Of course he is going up. That is easy,” she said about Josh who nominated her during the triple eviction.

Betty confirmed she is nominating Josh and Jacey-Lynne.

Speaking to Haleena, Betty gave her logic for targeting Josh.

“If you put my game in danger, I will put your game in danger,” she said flatly.

“That’s fair,” replied Haleena.

Haleena went to speak to a downcast Josh on the patio in an attempt to mend things between him and Betty.

“I know Betty’s comment was bad but that is Betty. I spoke to her. She is not mad,” she said.

Josh told Haleena he nominated Betty because Kevin saved him with the Power of Veto when Marty was HoH. He felt he owed Haleena and Kevin.

“I think if you explain that to her she will get it,” she said.

“She won’t even say hello to me,” groaned Josh.

“I know. I have felt the wrath of Betty before,” she said.

The fallout of the triple eviction episode saw Marty, Summer and Gino all become members of the jury.

Gino was voted out of the house with Jacey-Lynne being the only vote for him to stay. Josh then won Head of Househouse putting Marty, Summer and Jacey-Lynne on the block. Jacey-Lynne won the Power of Veto and saved herself. Josh nominated Betty in Jacey-Lynne’s place.

Summer demanded an explanation from Josh.

“When I asked you during your campaign if you would put me on the block you said you wouldn’t so why the f—k did you lie? It makes no sense! It absolutely makes no sense!” said a furious Summer.

Summer expressed her disappointment and anger during her plea to the other houseguests too.

“I am not about to waste my breath on any of you folks so do what you need to do. I don’t give a damn! I wish you all the best,” she said.

The houseguests voted to save Betty and to send Marty and Summer to the jury house.

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