Live Feed Spoilers: HoH’s plan ignites a war of words

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH’s plan ignites a war of words

MARCH 11, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell – Global TV

As the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

HoH Kyle thought he was softening the blow when he chose to warn Stephanie that he was putting her on the block. What he did though was spark a confrontation between two houseguests.

“You’re doing it? Why? Are you serious? Why are you doing it?” Stephanie asked Kyle in the HoH room when he broke the news.

“In terms of numbers right now and in terms of the stuff that I’ve heard, in terms of negatives towards my safety in this game,” Kyle replied bumbling over his words.

“I have not said anything negative about your game. All I’ve said is that you are going to be a mastermind when it comes to memory, which you are. I’ve not said anything negative at all,” said an incredulous Stephanie.

“I’ve been fed a load of nonsense but I’m being fed by the entire house. There is a place where this early in the game with as many people coming to me and saying that there are threats within people that you trust and that your name is always coming up,” explained Kyle, sort of.

“That’s nuts! And you’re not going to tell me names?” asked Stephanie.

“There was four or five people,” said Kyle his voice quivering.

“That’s wild! I bet I can list off those four to five. That’s wild because I would never have targeted you,” said a disappointed Stephanie.

“Why would we be an alliance if I would be targeting you?” asked Stephanie. “We’ve literally had this conversation.  I played this game with nothing but honesty. The only people that I have talked about is Betty and Kevin a little bit. Summer and Tynesa, that’s it. I can tell you verbatim what I said.”

Stephanie asked who Kyle was putting on the block beside her. Kyle told her it was Betty.

“So, I’m basically staying. But that’s still f—-d up. Pardon my language,” replied Stephanie.

“No, it is f—-d up. It is because I’ve made promises to you,” Kyle admitted.

“So, is our alliance done?” asked Stephanie.

Kyle went off on a tangent about trust.

“You literally looked me in the eyes yesterday and you said we’re going to be here next week,” said Stephanie. “I would never have thought to put you up. I would never have done it.”

Stephanie asked Kyle if she was his target. He told her that he doesn’t know where she stands.

“I trust you! We are in a f—–g alliance! I’m telling you are not my target! I’ve told you my targets. You don’t create a five with people you don’t trust. So, why in the hell would I do that?” asked a frustrated Stephanie.

“I don’t blame you at all for being angry. I’d be saying the same s—t,” said Kyle.

“You wouldn’t though because I wouldn’t do that to you! None of us would!” Stephanie fired back.

Stephanie guessed that Moose was one of the people who told Kyle she was after him.

“Moose is spreading so much s—t about me,” said Stephanie her anger rising to the surface.

“I will say that Moose is definitely one of them,” Kyle confirmed.

“That’s wild! He has talked so much trash about other people in this game!” said a furious Stephanie.

Stephanie stormed out of the HoH room looking for Moose.

She found him downstairs in the kitchen.

“You are talking so much s—t about my name!” Stephanie yelled telling him to come to the HoH room to talk.

“There is food being made,” said a flustered Moose standing over the stove.

“I don’t give a s—t about the food! Come!” she said heading back upstairs. Moose followed obediently.

“I’m incredibly nervous,” Moose admitted as he entered the HoH room.

“Everyone in this house has come to me saying that you are the reason that my name is being tossed around,” said Stephanie.

Moose asked her for names. Stephanie refused to give any.

“All I said was that there have been people who have came to me this week. Lots of people who have come to me this week floating her name,” said Kyle trying to explain the situation of why Moose’s name came up.

Moose denied saying that Kyle shouldn’t trust Stephanie.

“I said it was a name he should consider for his game. That is what I said,” Moose clarified.

“This is a complete blindside to me! This should not be happening right now and I am going to f—–g stay this week! I am being put on the block because of all of this s—t!” said Stephanie.

Moose denied he ever said that Stephanie was going to take a shot at Kyle and there would be no reason for him to do so.

“Do you know how stupid that would be for my game?” asked Moose.

“That is why I am so hurt by it! I never thought it would come out of your mouth!” said Stephanie.

“I asked Kyle where his relationships were. He told me who he is close to. I told him, based on his game and the people he was closest with, these are the people he should consider. I never said you were going to take a shot at him,” said Moose.

After going round and round a bit more, Stephanie apologized for getting so angry and promised that if she ever heard something odd she will always grab the person and talk with them before assuming anything.

“I think what you did was good. Now you can reevaluate who told you what. I think they are trying to manipulate you. I am leaving here with zero animosity, anger or anything like that. I am not upset at all,” said Moose as he left the room.

“Well, he certainly knows how to talk himself out of a confrontation,” said Kyle.

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