Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests agree to a ceasefire

Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests agree to a ceasefire

APRIL 3, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

HoH Marty and Summer are ceasing their hostilities.

A few days ago, Summer and Marty got into a heated argument in the HoH room over whether or not Summer suggested that Jess target Marty. Marty believes what Jess told him. Summer denies she ever said that to Jess and Jess lied.

Cool-headed Marty and Summer sat down in the HoH room to iron out their differences.

Marty began things with a long-winded explanation.

“The main thing is I want to be able to get out of this room and be able to talk with you, game aside, whatever. We have to remember this is a game,” stated Marty saying he wanted to be friends with everyone when the show is over.

“I know we can get heated. Everyone heard me f—–g banging my fists on the table. The emotion can run really, really high in here. You were the first one that came talk game with me from the start. I never questioned our relationship up until the point where the line was drawn. We’re not on the same side of the vote and that’s when I started to have doubts,” Marty admitted.

Marty promised Summer if she was right about Jess lying, he will reach out to her in a public way and apologize. Marty also admitted that he considered putting up Summer alongside Betty. He offered Summer a ceasefire. He would not put her on the block if a replacement nominee is needed this week. He hopes that Summer would promise him safety next week despite everything. Summer agreed. Marty reiterated that it was Josh and Betty who convinced him to vote for Gino last week.

“They set a trap for me and I fell in it,” he said claiming it was a “weak moment under pressure” for him.

Marty told Summer that he was going to lie about the vote he cast but then he won HoH and decided to come clean and set things right with everyone. Now, he wants revenge on Josh and Betty for manipulating him.

“I am so hurt by what happened and what they made me do. In the end, I’m the one that cast the vote so it’s on me. But, I really, really feel that I was manipulated in a really weak moment,” he said.

“Do you want me to say my piece now?” said Summer interrupting.

“I’m thankful that you’ve said that. I will tell you that I was very hurt by the way that you approached it and quite frankly, like when I was sitting in my bed (I’m trying not to cry.) I just felt like you “broke up with me” so that you could have a replacement nominee if Josh took himself off the block,” she said.

Summer explained that using Jess as proof of anything is a waste of time because they are no longer in the house or the game.

“Jess was very, very, very jealous that I had strong social relationships with people. You know how they moved in this house. They had to interrupt every conversation. Jess was jealous of our relationship. Jess was jealous of my relationship with Kevin. When they left, they threw my name under the bus left, right and centre,” recounted Summer insisting that she was telling the truth the whole time.

“I understand. It’s a game but it’s also a personal thing but what I will say to you is that I still obviously miss you. The love is still there,” she continued.

Summer and Marty agreed to rebuild their relationship, forgave each other and hugged before Summer left the HoH room.

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