Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests continue their bickering

Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests continue their bickering

MARCH 14, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Betty and Kevin are at it again.

Betty confronted Kevin in one of the bedrooms this afternoon about whether he knew Kyle’s target was being switched to Josh.

“I asked you one simple question and you’re going A, B, C and D? You’re directionless right now and I just won’t stand for it. I knew that you knew and now you’re sitting with Josh being all buddy-buddy?” said Betty to Kevin.

“It seems like you know everything that’s going on in this house,” Kevin fired back.

“So, basically by me implying that you knew that Josh was going on the block you think that I know everything in this house? That doesn’t even make sense,” asked Betty.

“How are we supposed to have a conversation if you come in here and yell at me?” said Kevin.

“I’m not yelling at you. Is my voice being raised at all?” replied Betty who had maintained an even tone throughout their entire conversation. “You are literally making up things in your own head. I asked you one question and now you’re getting defensive,” said Betty.

“Then, I’m coming for you,” said Kevin flatly.

“You are coming for me?” asked a now angry Betty. “You’re telling me right to my face that you’re coming for me? This is what you are telling me?”

“I don’t want to…” said Kevin.

“I asked you one question and you’ve gone and hit three different landmarks. It’s just actually mind-blowing,” she said.

“That’s…that’s fair and I know I’m being defensive,” said Kevin stumbling over his own words.

“And for no reason. All I did was ask a question that you clearly knew the answer to and now you’re coming for me?” said Betty.

“I’m not coming for you. I’m not coming for you. I got defensive and lashed out at you,” Kevin said as he backtracked some more.

Betty said she has been “nothing but kind” to Kevin.

“You told me I am a terrible person,” Kevin countered.

“And I meant that because look what you’re doing,” said Betty.

“I need a few hours to process this,” said Kevin.

“I don’t care what you need. I already got my answer,” said Betty opening the door and getting ready to leave the room. “I am going to let your boys know that you told me you are coming to get me. Every single guy in this house, I will let them know.”

Kevin followed Betty out of the bedroom down into the kitchen and then onto the patio to see if Betty was going to keep true to her word.

“I’m just walking around. I am allowed to walk around wherever I want to,” said Kevin as Betty glared back at him.

Jessica was sitting on the patio when they arrived. Betty sat beside them. Kevin sat across from them.

Jessica told Betty that she doesn’t need to worry. No matter what, she is staying this week.

“Why is everyone telling me how to play my game and that I’m staying or going? It is Big Brother. People are going to be on the block. They’re not going to be on the block. They’re going to go home. They’re going to stay. I just find it so irritating!” said Betty taking a swipe at Jessica.

“I don’t want to irritate you. I want to remedy whatever is going on here,” said Jessica trying to be helpful.

“This whole game is so mind-blowing to me. What are you doing?” Betty asked Kevin.

“I’m just sitting. I’m allowed to be here,” he said petulantly.

“What are YOU doing?” asked Kevin.

“I’m sitting here. You literally followed me all the way from upstairs,” she said telling Kevin he reminded her of a little brother she doesn’t even have.

“That’s a very charming insult,” said Kevin.

“And what am I right now?” joked Jessica to Betty trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh my, God! It’s so irritating!” said Betty.

“I don’t want you to irritate you,” said Jessica backing off.

“I don’t know if it’s the situation that’s irritating me. I don’t know if it’s people’s comments. I just feel irritated today,” Betty explained.

Jessica asked Betty if she wanted time alone.

“Kind of,” said Betty curtly.

Jessica left the patio area dragging Kevin with them.

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