Live Feed Spoilers: Messy HoH spirals even more out of control

Live Feed Spoilers: Messy HoH spirals even more out of control

MARCH 14, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Move over Frenchie. Move over Cody.

Big Brother has a new benchmark when it comes to disastrous HoH reigns.

Kyle’s tenure this week has went so far off the rails that his reign is now orbiting Venus or perhaps Neptune. We’d have to check with the Hubble Space Telescope to confirm.

Things took a turn for the worse when Kyle informed Stephanie she was going on the block, mostly because Moose and others had told Kyle that Stephanie was going to take a shot at him when she could…or at least that’s what Kyle told Stephanie.

That move caused a fight between Stephanie and Moose. Kyle was stuck in the middle.

Moose has thrown another wrench into the works by winning the Power of Veto over the weekend.

Kyle lit a fire under Betty when he warned her that she could be Moose’s replacement.

Today, Kyle continued to sabotage his own HoH and his standing in the house by shifting gears and targeting Josh instead.

“The shot that we’re looking to take is at Josh,” Kyle told Haleena in the HoH room.

“No way,” said the shocked master’s student.

“Josh and Moose are angry at each other but combined they’re an absolute force. Josh has already talked about taking taking shots, the second he gets the chance, at Marty, people like our friend Gino. People that I want us to align with,” Kyle explained saying they have Kevin, Jacey-Lynne, Gino, Marty and Hermon’s votes to boot Josh.

“It is early. It is messy. It is bloody. It is emotional. It is so unbelievably hard,” said Kyle about the change in plans.

Kyle then pulled Josh in to give him the lowdown. During the conversation, a stunned Josh was rendered speechless. He mostly just sat there listening to what Kyle had to say not believing his ears.

“How are you feeling?” asked Josh.

“Not good,” admitted Kyle.

“What’s going on?” said a concerned Josh.

“I got to put a beautiful Calgary boy on the block. You are the biggest threat in this game and it is not even close,” said Kyle breaking the news.

“Even though you are adored, we all signed the same paperwork to play a game and you are a great player in this game,” Kyle explained. “I need to send the person out who I think can beat me.”

“I don’t know why we wouldn’t help each other, carry each other further then just do this like right now,” said Josh trying to get through to Kyle and change his mind. “I don’t know why we can’t get to a point where like we can actually battle it out.”

“It’s the cowardly approach. It’s the one thing that I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to do but I kept looking at this week, I kept seeing the emotional decisions that I was making. I went down one day and I just like looked at the chessboard and I was like…What would I do in this game of strategy?” said Kyle.

“I’m not a very emotional person. I’m very thoughtful. Let’s say I don’t go home. You wouldn’t be my target. You wouldn’t be someone that I’m after just because you put me on the block but in this moment I am a bit surprised. I just don’t think it’s the best decision for your game but I respect that you’re making the decision yourself,” said Josh as he left the room shaking his head in confusion and disbelief.

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