Live Feed Spoilers: New HoH takes command

Live Feed Spoilers: New HoH takes command

APRIL 15, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

He shoots! He scores!

Marty Frenette has his Big Brother HoH hat-trick.

For the third time this season Marty is the Head of Household.

Marty has won a total of four competitions this season, three HoHs and one Veto.

To Haleena, Marty said he was proud of himself and he was so happy to win such a tough competition.

The eviction show left the houseguests hanging by icicles on Mount Big Brother on Thursday night.

Once Gino touched base with Marty he shared what he learned with Jacey-Lynne in the storage room.

“I spoke to Marty this morning,” he said.

“I saw that. What did he say?” asked Jacey-Lynne.

“He said…Kick your feet up!” replied Gino laughing.

“He didn’t say that? We are done! We are doomed!” snickered Jacey-Lynne.

“No, we are fine. We are fine,” said Gino laughing out loud as the showmance hugged. “We are good. He is going after Josh and Betty.”

In the HoH room Marty spoke with one of his allies: Kevin.

“So what are you thinking?” Kevin asked Marty.

“What do you think I should do?” answered Marty taking a swig out of his water bottle.

“I think crazy s—t, Marty!” replied a smirking Kevin.

Marty told Kevin he fears he will be going home next week unless one of his allies has his back. Marty thinks Summer, Josh or Betty would target him. Marty wants to nominate Betty and Summer with Josh as the back-up.

“Let’s talk it out. I believe next week is a triple eviction. Here is my reasoning. There are eight people left. It is day 50 tomorrow. There needs to be a purge,” Kevin speculated.

Kevin is correct.

During Thursday’s eviction show host/producer Arisa Cox announced that next week’s eviction episode will be a triple eviction.

Moose Bendago, the content creator from Toronto, became the second member of the season 10 jury on this week’s eviction show.

Moose was unanimously voted out of the house.

“I think that people understood at this point in the game they don’t want a competitor who could take it all to stay,” said Moose in his exit interview.

This week viewers can award immunity to their favourite houseguest with the Belairdirect Eviction Protection Insurance. You can cast your vote here.

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