Live Feed Spoilers: New HoH to create a new alliance?

Live Feed Spoilers: New HoH to create a new alliance?

MARCH 24, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

The visual artist has drawn up a much needed win.

Jessica Gowling is the new Head of Household.

Jessica picked the brain of the other notable outsider, Kevin, in the HoH bathroom away from the prying ears and eyes of the other houseguests.

“I really think this was the one to win,” said Kevin congratulating them.

“We are totally expendable to the others,” Jessica replied.

“We are,” Kevin agreed.

Jessica reminded Kevin that Jacey-Lynne and Gino are the keys to their strategy as they are on the outside now as well.

“Nobody trusts Marty and people are already pushing for him. I am not going to target Marty though,” Jessica promised.

Jessica and Kevin agreed they have to be selective about what they tell Marty because he is not a good liar.

Jessica thought it was clear that not many of the houseguests were happy they won HoH.

The conversation switched to Hermon and how much they don’t trust him at all as he barely talks game with them. Jessica called Hermon the “ideal person to leave this week”.

“Moose has been lying to my face for a month too,” said Jessica.

“The other thing is do we want to try and build an alliance?” Kevin asked.

They spoke about pulling Jacey-Lynne and Gino in with them and possibly Marty too.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that after such a disastrous HoH reign Kyle Moore was unanimously voted out over Jessica on the live eviction show.

Jessica though has been nominated twice in four weeks.

Kyle made one last move to possibly stir up some trouble before leaving the house.

“My name is Kyle Moore. I have climbed Mount Everest and on night one I was given a secret power by Canada but if I talked about it I would be evicted instantly. I couldn’t use it until jury and now that I am being evicted it is back in the house. Your clue is 12,” said Kyle on his way out the front door to the other houseguests.

Kyle explained in his exit interview that he hoped his ruse about a secret power would cause paranoia in the house.

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