Live Feed Spoilers: No ‘easy’ noms for new HoH

Live Feed Spoilers: No ‘easy’ noms for new HoH

MARCH 4, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

New Head of Household Marty has navigated his way through nomination day by refusing to put “easy outs” on the block.

He has nominated Jay and Jacey-Lynne instead.

Marty spoke to Jay earlier in the day giving him the heads-up that he was being nominated.

“I want to stay until jury. I hope we had good conversations last week and I don’t know where your head is at,” said Jay breaking the ice.

“To be honest, Jay, we had one conversation. It was you, me and Betty. For me, I was offering an olive branch and after that I tried to hang around you hoping you would reach out to me. I love you as a houseguest and this is not personal but I am going to be putting you up this week but you will play in the veto,” said Marty.

“Do you know who you are putting me up with?” asked Jay.

“Yes,” said Marty.

“Is it Jess?” asked Jay.

“No. I will leave it like that for now,” said Marty refusing to reveal his other nomination at the time.

Marty also broke the news to Jacey-Lynne, who got a bit teary-eyed hearing she was going up. Marty explained that if she were to put him up next week he would understand.

“I will respect that. I shot and I missed. Now, you put me up. Well, that’s game. If it is the other way and you offer me an olive branch to work together that is fine too,” he said.

“Are you interested in making a deal at this point?” she asked.

Marty told her she perhaps should have talked more game with him before.

“I don’t close any doors but there is a good chance you are going up,” he confirmed.

“Am I your target?” she asked.

“This is the hard question. I am putting you up because I don’t know where you stand with me,” he answered not going into any more detail about his plans for the week.

Marty did go into exact detail though when he spoke to his alliance mates Gino and Moose in one of the bedrooms after his workout this morning.

“I already know what I am going to do. I am putting up Jace and Jay. The reason why is they are just two people that I tried to talk game with and they never came back to me. I have a feeling if Jay had HoH, I would have been up,” he said.

“I know Jess is a big target and she is going to stay a target. To be honest I didn’t work anything out with her but she won’t put me up,” he continued giving them the lowdown on why he isn’t going to put up “easy outs”.

“Who is your real target?” asked Gino.

“Jay. He scares me. I tried to talk game with him and I just get a bad vibe. I was going up if he won. That’s what I feel like. I love the guy. It is nothing personal. I just feel if he gets HoH I will be up. As far as Jace, we have had quick conversations but nothing deep,” Marty said.

Marty also revealed his reasoning to Kevin in a private conversation.

“Half the people think I am way smarter than I am. Half the people think I am way dumber than I am. Some think I am an evil genius, the way I look,” laughed Kevin.

“You are a smart guy. I can tell by the way you talk. That isn’t a bad thing, my friend,” said Marty.

Marty admitted his initial target was Stephanie but he made a deal with her to keep her safe during the HoH endurance competition and doesn’t want to break his word to her.

“She was scared of me. If she won, she would have put me up,” he said. “I want Jay out. That’s my target.”

“Jay is the mastermind,” said Kevin.

“He is a wild card. I approached him. I extended an olive branch. He never, ever came back to talk to me,” said Marty.

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