Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee demands HoH apologize

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee demands HoH apologize

MARCH 8, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

HoH Marty sure had some explaining to do today.

Newly-nominated Betty badgered him for an apology accusing him of lying to her because he didn’t warn her that she was the replacement nominee this week.

Jacey-Lynne won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block yesterday. Marty put Betty on the block beside his true target, Jay.

This morning Marty asked to speak to Betty alone in order to clear the air with her. He had noticed she was avoiding him since the nominations ceremony yesterday.

“I just want to ask if you have time to sit down and have a chat today,” Marty said to Betty in one of the bedrooms.

“About what? The blindside?” she countered.

Marty told Betty he was confused about how she just walked out of the Expedia Room when he entered yesterday.

“I walked out the room because I don’t think I was mentally ready to hear about everything,” said Betty.

Marty explained that when he entered the room he wasn’t looking for trouble or to cause any.

“I could have told you beforehand…” Marty began.

“Why didn’t you?” asked Betty.

“Because I was hearing that there was a lot of stuff going around…” Marty began again.

“That I was gonna vote for Jay to stay?” said an incredulous Betty.

Marty told Betty that as HoH you are bombarded with information. You have to sort through it all to get to the truth.

“I love this game. I love the move you made. I get it,” said Betty…but not in a very convincing manner.

Marty reaffirmed that the person he wants out is Jay and by nominating Betty he has a 100 per cent chance of getting him out.

“You do?” asked Betty.

“Oh, yeah. 100 per cent,” said Marty.

“You know how many people are saying they don’t know where my head at? At least Jay is a number on their side,” said Betty.

“On a game level, I get it. I get it. I understand no problem. You just really didn’t really have to tell me to kick my feet up one, two, three times! It is like a big lie!” Betty continued referring to how many times Marty claimed she was safe this week.

Marty told Betty he thought she was going to flip and vote for Jay to stay.

“Me? Vote for Jay to stay? I am confused. Voting for Jay to stay would bring me more volatility. Maybe I should have done a better job at pleading my case to you but unfortunately, I felt comfortable,” said Betty.

“By doing this I think I assured that my target goes home,” said Marty.

“Are you scared that you might go home?” he asked point blank.

“Yes! I am hearing people say they don’t know where my head is at. At least they know that Jay is on their side and now I have to go and speak my case and that’s fine,” replied Betty. “I just don’t know why you lied to me so early.”

Marty insisted again that Jay is his one and only target.

“I told him to his face. I told him in front of all the houseguests,” he said.

“You are going to get out of here, run these tapes back and see I wasn’t going to vote against what you wanted,” said Betty claiming her feelings were hurt.

Betty wanted Marty to explain why he warned Jacey-Lynn she was going on the block but he didn’t warn her.

“Were you afraid I would have a meltdown?” asked Betty.

Marty detailed once again how he was hearing different things from different people about Betty joining the other side of the house to save Jay and that a number of people told him in confidence that he, Kyle and Gino are that side’s priority targets.

“You hurt my feelings as my person,” said Betty asserting that Marty “Big Brother-ed” her.

“It really hurt to be lied to this early,” she continued.

Marty apologized.

“I am sorry. I didn’t want to blindside you,” he said.

Betty wanted to know why it would have been a “big deal” if she and everyone else knew who Marty was nominating. Marty repeated that he had heard from many people that a group was forming to save Jay.

“I am an independent player right now. I don’t understand why you are putting me in a group. It is wrong,” she pouted. “I get that Big Brother is lying to people’s faces but it is just a tough pill to swallow.”

“I just did what was best for my game,” Marty shrugged.

Marty and Betty argued about the number of votes Jay has to stay.

“It is going to take a lot for me to stay in this game now. Because I play buddy-buddy with people doesn’t mean I have their vote. Jay is very good at speaking to people,” she groused accusing Marty of making “good television” at her expense.

Marty wondered if people are lying to him.

“Of course they are! It is Big Brother!” she shouted.

“Again, sorry for not telling you but the reason why I did it…” Marty began.

“I think you need to say sorry for lying,” Betty demanded.

“I am sorry for lying. That’s true,” said Marty apologizing yet again.

“You lied to me three times. You didn’t have to lie to me though,” she reminded him yet again.

“In Big Brother you are going to have to lie but I didn’t think I would have to during week two,” admitted Marty.

“And so directly too,” Betty said needling Marty some more.

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