Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee: HoH is ‘trash’

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee: HoH is ‘trash’

APRIL 4, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell – Global TV

One of this week’s nominees is not mincing their words when it comes to what they think about the current HoH.

Veto winner Kevin used the power to save Josh at the ceremony today. HoH Marty nominated Hermon in his place.

Betty and Hermon are the final nominees.

“He is just a wild card and so is Kevin. They are both sitting there trying to do some maniacal s—t. I think my downfall is I told him I am coming after Kevin,” said Hermon to Moose in one of the bedrooms after the meeting.

Hermon believes Marty put him on the block because he told him he would be coming after the two people that are closest to him.

“I asked Haleena outside if she knew. Obviously she knew. She’s just a liar, bro,” said Hermon.

“Yeah, she is lying,” said Moose.

“He also said I am the target this week,” added Hermon.

“Of course you are the target,” laughed Moose.

“He doesn’t want me to stay here,” said Hermon.

Moose and Hermon think that Jacey-Lynne, Gino, Kevin and Haleena are all in an alliance of some sort with Marty.

When Moose left the room Hermon spoke to the cameras, feed watchers.

“Marty, if you shoot don’t miss, my guy, because I am coming for that ass! Let’s go! And I will dance when I want to dance. Marty ain’t never going to tell me how to dance or when. I choose whether I dance on or off the block. I will dance on your grave when I win HoH!” he vowed.

“I have a message for Canada. You see the type of player Marty is. Backstabber, once to Gino, twice to Gino. His ‘best friend’. He promises me safety and…there’s the knife. Listen, man, this guy is trash! He has no morals! He is banging tables pretending his is upset. He says he is on a revenge tour so he puts up Betty and Josh for an idea he executed on and they decided not to. Marty, bro, you are trash!” continued Hermon.

Earlier in the day, Marty pulled Josh into the HoH room to let him in on his plan.

“So, I am going to pull you off and between you and I, I am going to put Hermon up. So the plan is going to be to vote Hermon out,” said Marty.

Marty asked Josh to give him his word that he would vote Hermon out. Josh agreed.

Marty then ran into Betty on the patio and broke the news to her.

“I am going to use the Power of Veto on Josh and I am going to put Hermon in his spot. The plan is to evict Hermon and I have the numbers,” said Marty reassuring Betty.

“Fingers crossed,” Betty replied.

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