Live Feed Spoilers: Rivals put the past behind them

Live Feed Spoilers: Rivals put the past behind them

MARCH 13, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

For Betty, there is no time like the present.

Fearing HoH Kyle will nominate her in Moose’s place this week, Betty is already campaigning starting with one of her biggest enemies in the house: Marty.

Although Kyle nominated Moose and Stephanie, Moose won the Power of Veto and will assuredly take himself off the block tomorrow.

During his HoH, Betty gave Marty an earful when he put her on the block after Jacey-Lynne used the Power of Veto to save herself. Today, Betty seemed to firmly bury the hatchet with Marty.

“Obviously, I’m sure you know, I’m going on the block,” said Betty to Marty.

“That’s good to know. You are filling me in on a friend who I am supposed to be like THIS with,” a surprised Marty said referring to Kyle, who hasn’t been keeping him in the know during his HoH.

“I came here to play. I’ve been put in this circumstance. I’m ready to fight. I’ve been talking with you before my other person has been talking to you. I hope that you know that I’m being real,” said Betty, her “other person” being Josh.

“The last time we spoke seemed genuine,” said Marty.

“I’ve spoken to Josh just in terms of where his head is at. I know he’s not coming for you. I’m even I’m open to having us both talk with you and let you know we can protect you next week in terms if Josh gets power, or even myself, you’re not on our radar. I’m promising you this. I know you can trust me. Well, I’m hoping you can,” said a Betty asking if Marty had any outstanding deals with Stephanie.

“I don’t have anything with her,” Marty replied.

“I know things in this house can change in a blink of an eye but I do want to get in your ear so that you know I’m here to fight,” said Betty. “You can get me out at another time but I’m letting you know if you vote to keep me in this house, I’m less of a threat. I’m also guaranteeing you protection not only from myself but I am close with Josh and I know I spoken to him already. I know he’s not targeting you. I know he’s not going to put you on the block if he were to win power. This is what I can offer you,” said Betty.

“I’m extending an olive branch. I want to work alongside you as long as I can. I’m more trustworthy than Stephanie, I can guarantee you that. I’m not gonna say I’ve heard her say your name but I just know that she’s less trustworthy than I am because I’m coming to you directly to tell you, you have nothing to worry about with me,” she continued.

“For me it is week by week. Like I said the last talk we had was genuine. Honestly, I’m anxious to see what Kyle is going to do. I mean Kyle and me are supposed to be like THIS and when I spoke with him this morning he still didn’t know who the replacement nominee would be. The Moose thing, I found out like an hour before it happened,” said Marty about Moose being nominated by Kyle.

“I feel like everybody is kind of on edge. I can speak to the fact that Kyle told me I’m going up. It’s Sunday. Today, I’m fighting today. I’m going to obviously continue to talk with you. I’m obviously not going to bombard you but I want to plant seeds in your ear because Stephanie is telling everyone that she’s safe this week, that she’s going to be good. I am not going to leave without a fight,” Betty promised.

Marty said he hopes their conversation builds more trust between them. Marty told Betty he made a deal with Stephanie during the HoH competition but doesn’t have any more deals with her. Marty thanked her for the honest, frank and genuine discussion. He was going to consider everything she had to say.

Betty went off to be by herself in the storage room. She spoke aloud to herself and the live feeders.

“Man, this game takes everything out of me,” she said.

She began singing:

This game takes everything out of me.

It is to hard to talk to these people every single day.

When you don’t know where their minds are at.

Every day.
Every day.

Every day is a crazy day.

Every day in the Big Brother house you’ve got to fight for your life.

Because you never know when you are going out.

Big Brother. You are such a wild ride.

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