Live Feed Spoilers: Twist shocks the house

Live Feed Spoilers: Twist shocks the house

APRIL 11, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Suspicious minds are working overtime in the Big Brother house.

Just before today’s veto ceremony a secret veto was unleashed in the house. None of the houseguests have admitted to earning it and none of them used it at the ceremony so it could be null and void.

“They said they earned it so there probably wasn’t a vote or anything,” said Kevin to Gino and Jacey-Lynne as they spoke outside the HoH room.

“Did they say earned it?” asked Gino.

“Yeah, I think Haleena said earned it,” replied Jacey-Lynne.

“I don’t think it was Betty being quiet with the phone. I don’t think it would be that far back,” Jacey-Lynne speculated.

“Maybe they earned it because they searched for it?” she continued.

“It could mean anything,” Gino answered. “There was a red ribbon in that couch.”

“I just think if anyone was going to find it, it would be him because he was up early,” said Jacey-Lynne of Marty.

Jacey-Lynne told Gino that Marty promised again that he wouldn’t come after them.

“Yeah, that is b—–t,” said Gino. “Just keep reassuring him. It doesn’t make sense to attack the five right now.”

Haleena, Kevin, Moose and Josh speculated about the power while sitting outside.

“That added some spice! That was a twist! It shook us up!” said Haleena.

“I don’t care that nobody used it. It was so exciting. I was going to be in this position any way. For me, it isn’t a missed opportunity,” said Moose who remains on the block along with Summer this week.

“I think it was Kevin who got it. That is why he got excited about my pitch because he really wanted to use it but didn’t. It is Kevin. He is full of s—t!” laughed Moose.

Kevin frowned.

“I am allowed to joke about it. I am on the block, bro,” laughed Moose again.

“Time will tell,” said Haleena.

“Time will tell but at the end of the day I don’t think it matters. It is a dead topic,” said Moose.

“They didn’t use it,” added Kevin.

“They didn’t use it. Life goes on. We’re still on the block. That was how it was going to be,” sighed Moose.

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