Live Feed Spoilers: Veto ceremony an eye-opener

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto ceremony an eye-opener

MARCH 28, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell – Global TV

Hermon has bolted from the block.

The auto sales general manager from British Columbia used the Power of Veto to save himself at today’s ceremony.

HoH Jess nominated Tynesha in his spot beside the cagey Moose.

In one of the bedrooms Tynesha, Josh and Betty discussed the fallout from the ceremony.

“I just had a moment with Moose. We were both getting really teary-eyed. I think it is really hitting him that he is on the block with you. I am not an emotional person but in the house when someone’s life is on the line? I think he is a good person,” Betty said to Tynesha.

Tynesha and Gino agreed there are two sides to Moose.

“Who we are on the game level has nothing to do with us being humans,” commented Betty.

“It is hard to separate that though,” said Tynesha.

Tynesha took a moment to campaign to Betty and Gino.

“I am not saying I am any better than Moose. I am doing this for a higher purpose. I am doing this for my daughter. I am just trying to showcase why I should stay,” she said.

Tynesha spoke about their talk with Jess after the ceremony.

“It was a hard decision but I am not going to sit here and try to make them feel better about their decision. I understood. I am not mad. Don’t forcibly keep yourself in your (HoH) room and then say we are making you feel left out,” she said.

“It is probably a bit of guilt,” said Betty about Jess’ reaction.

“It is not about THEM when YOU are on the block,” Betty continued.

“They are upset saying people are ostracizing them. People are acting differently towards them,” said Tynesha.

“Today? I don’t think or see that,” said Betty. “They should have a little more compassion as they know what it is like being on the block.”

“Sometimes I feel when people do that, they spew and they are just like…You are making me feel a certain way that maybe they should look inside,” said Betty.

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