Live Feed Spoilers: Veto Ceremony sets the stage for the final four

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto Ceremony sets the stage for the final four

APRIL 25, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell – Global TV

Today’s veto ceremony has laid the groundwork for what will be this season’s final four.

Haleena, the veto holder, decided not to use the power which leaves Josh and Jacey-Lynne on the block.

Haleena spoke with Head of Household Betty before the meeting.

“Wherever this takes us, that is absolutely incredible. I am so proud, whatever happens. I am so absolutely grateful that I made it this far,” said Betty.

“I don’t trust anybody. I really don’t,” replied Haleena.

“I think he’s a teacher,” Betty said of Kevin.

“I think he is in tech,” answered Haleena.

Haleena spoke to the cameras, live feeders after the meeting.

“I know I made the right decision in not using the veto. I know that but now, who do I send home? I don’t know. Jacey-Lynne I think would take me. Josh is so deserving. What do I do? What I do know is I have secured my own safety. I am going to take myself to the final three. I am going to win that HoH. I know that for a fact,” she said.

Playing pool with Kevin, Haleena let him in on Betty’s theory. Kevin chuckled.

“There is a risk keeping both,” said Haleena of Josh and Jacey-Lynne.

“From a competition point of view Josh is better than Jacey-Lynne,” said Kevin.

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