Live Feed Spoilers: Veto win has the house on edge

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto win has the house on edge

APRIL 30, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Josh has all the power.

Not only did he nominate Kevin and Betty for eviction as Head of Household but he has also won the Power of Veto.

Josh will be deciding who this year’s final three will be when he picks who is sent to jury.

“I hope Josh keeps me and realizes that he has a really good chance of winning against me,” Haleena told Kevin in the bathroom this morning as they got ready for the day.

“I actually think you would be better than Betty in trivia,” said Kevin complimenting Haleena on the time and effort she has put into studying.

“He said he is leaning towards us three but he wants to have some conversations,” a nervous Kevin said of Josh.

“We have never had a final two have we?” Haleena asked.

“Never. We talked about going deep,” replied Kevin.

“If we get to the three we will figure it out,” said Haleena.

“I think he really believes right now that I will take him no matter what,” laughed Kevin.

“If we are sitting beside each other that’s a win,” answered Haleena giving the duo credit for how far they have come in the game.

The two-hour finale of Big Brother Canada airs next Thursday on Global TV.

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