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Live Feed Spoilers: Veto win unsettles a houseguest

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto win unsettles a houseguest

MARCH 10, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

This week’s Veto Competition has been played and the HoH is having to do some damage control with another houseguest.

Even though Adam won the Power of Veto, Samantha was still concerned enough about her status in the house that she needed to speak to Dane, this week’s HoH, alone.

Samantha was in Dane’s ear once the competition was over grilling him in the Have-Not Room about her safety this week on the live feeds.

Dane explained he told Maki he needed him to play in the Power of Veto so that Kyra couldn’t win. Kyra was his target from the very start.

Dane warned Samantha if their side doesn’t win Head of Household she and Adam are probably going on the block. When she jumped into Adam’s arms to celebrate his challenge win she pretty much confirmed their alliance in front of everyone.

“I have tried to distance myself, you know I have,” said Samantha.

Dane admitted it was terrible strategy on his part putting both Adam and Samantha on slop together even though they both volunteered. He probably made matters worse for them.

“You have to control the paranoia. I am on your side. I am being direct with you,” Dane said trying to put Samantha at ease.

“It was just the way people were treating me,” she explained.

“Sorry, I didn’t feel that I was treating you any differently than I have been,” said Dane.

Dane told Samantha that if everyone sticks to the plan of evicting Kyra this week and Cory next, everything will be fine for their alliance.

When Dane, Samantha vacated the Have-Not Room, Adam sat in there alone eating slop and thinking out loud to himself.

“I almost lost that. Maki was way ahead of me,” he said of the Veto Competition also admitting that he is feeling some chemistry with Samantha even though he promised himself he wouldn’t get into a showmance in the Big Brother Canada house.

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