Live Feed Update: A blow-up gets personal in the pantry

Live Feed Update: A blow-up gets personal in the pantry

MARCH 13, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Sometimes even just making dinner can turn into more than you bargained for in the Big Brother house.

Kiefer just wanted to make a stir-fry with Latoya but Rohan and Kyle had other ideas when they entered the pantry. They cut him off and began peppering him with questions in front of Tera and Tina about the “fireworks” he was promising.

“What was just all going on? You said you want to do it right now with Latoya?” asked Kyle sitting up on the counter while Rohan stood in front of Kiefer.

“No, we’re making a stir fry,” laughed Kiefer.

“What was it when I walked in the room and I heard you say there will be fireworks tonight?” asked Rohan.

“That was definitely taken out of context,” answered a flustered Kiefer.

“What were the fireworks then?” Rohan pressed.

“The PoV challenge,” said Kiefer.

“The PoV challenge is not the night though,” snapped Rohan.

“It’s a second week in a row where I’m sitting on a couch and people are getting pulled into rooms,” said Kyle getting agitated.

“It’s Big Brother,” Kiefer said shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s Big Brother? So, I’m not allowed to ask?” said Kyle questioning Kiefer.

“You are so aggressive,” Kiefer told Kyle.

“How am I aggressive?” asked Kyle.

“You are yelling,” said Kiefer.

“How am I yelling?” asked a dumbfounded Kyle.

“You are yelling at me,” said Kiefer.

“I am yelling at you?” asked Kyle.

“We were trying to find out what’s going on? Like, why the fireworks?” said Rohan posing the same question yet again.

“Me and Latoya we’re just having a conversation, not about game,” replied Kiefer.

“If I go home, we’ll all be good friends. I am too soft to play this game. I’m not saying names. I’m not throwing people under the bus this week,” Kiefer promised.

Latoya, who had been listening at the door, then abruptly entered the pantry.

“What we’re going to do right now is we’re not going to gang up on one person because that is what I’m tired of in this game. It is Big Brother and you are you are going to hear your name and people are going to lie because everybody’s been lying. You’ve been lying. You’ve been lying. Everybody’s been lying. I’ve been hearing my name in your mouth. I’ve been hearing my name in your mouth,” she said to Rohan and Kyle.

“I thought we weren’t going to gang up on people?” asked Kyle to nobody in particular.

“This is Big Brother and you’re supposed to hear your name. If anybody’s lying in this game Kyle it is you. If anybody’s lying in this game it is you,” said Latoya.

“Tell me how?” asked Kyle.

“If anybody’s manipulating in this game it is you,” replied Latoya pointing the finger at Kyle.

“Tell me how?” asked Kyle.

“If anybody is following people around in this house not even giving them an opportunity to have conversations with other people, it is you and if anybody is kissing anybody’s ass in this house, it is you,” accused Latoya.

“Tell me how? I am waiting,” asked Kyle looking at an imaginary watch.

“Because every time there’s a HoH you’re in the room kissing their ass and then when they’re not, you disappear. Everyone sees the game that you play,” said Latoya.

“That is how you play, Kyle. Everybody sees it. Everybody knows that you’re a liar and you’re planting seeds. You are literally pitting people against each other,” finished Latoya before the live feeds went dark.

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