Live Feed Update: HoH, ‘allies’ clash over Veto

Live Feed Update: HoH, ‘allies’ clash over Veto

MARCH 14, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

A war of wills has erupted over tomorrow’s Veto Ceremony.

Jedson has been working overtime trying to get HoH Victoria to see things his way. He wants to use the Veto to take Latoya off the block but Victoria is having none of it.

Jedson, Tychon met with Victoria in the HoH room about the veto.

“So, first of all, this is not a good talk, unfortunately. People have started campaigning and they’re telling me stuff. I was thinking about my replacement nominee and I am all about making a big move but who am I going to put up?” asked Victoria telling Tychon and Jedson that she was not pleased with them emphasizing to others that she is a comp beast and is so smart on top of that.

“I know that’s all jokes but when you put it all together that’s a problem for me and it’s part of people’s campaigns that are coming to me. So my biggest thing is now I’m not really comfortable making a big move. I don’t want to ruffle any more feathers. It’s important to me that I stick to my HoH speech and in my speech I said I’m putting up Latoya because I didn’t want her to do any flipping and I put up Kiefer because he said stuff about me when I wasn’t around and that’s not helping my game. The main thing is I told Canada and everyone in this house that I cannot have a flip in this house. If Latoya comes down there’s literally only one person I could put up that I know she wouldn’t flip on. Now, I promised you (Tychon) I wasn’t going to put you up and I don’t want to do that. So I’m pretty much coming to you guys really hoping you guys can keep the nominations the same. I have spoken to everyone and they’ve promised me they’re voting out Kiefer. I can’t have him here. He’s been talking s–t about me. He said he doesn’t want to be here. I don’t vibe with him. He hasn’t talked to me. I need him gone,” said Victoria laying her reasoning out and insisting that everyone has told her they are keeping Latoya and voting out Kiefer.

Victoria said that she doesn’t want to put up Kyle because he shared an important piece of information with her and that was Kiefer claiming that she was behind the attempted vote flip last week when she wasn’t.

“I feel like an outsider in this game. Breydon and Austin are together. Rohan and Kyle are together. Tina and Tera are together. You two are together with Latoya. Kiefer is on his own. Beth is kind of on her own,” said Victoria explaining that she and another unnamed houseguest want to work with Jedson and Tychon in the future.

“So, the only thing I’m wondering is if you and ‘Player A’ want to work with us, why would you put him (Tychon) on the block?” asked Jedson.

“I don’t want to put you on the block,” said Victoria to Tychon.

“Why would there be a scenario in which you’d have to?” asked Tychon.

“Because you’re the only person that Latoya won’t flip the house on? I’m sorry. I love Latoya and I love how real she is but you were there that night before the live eviction. She went around and asked each of us where our vote was going. She wasn’t happy with that. She tried to convince us to flip and we just weren’t down. I told you guys with every being in my body that this was not the time,” said Victoria about Latoya trying so hard to save Josh last week right before the vote.

“I really need you not to use the Power of Veto,” Victoria continued.

“Okay, but if you want to work with me, Tychon and Latoya then why would you risk Latoya being on the block?” asked Jedson.

“Because she’s going to flip the vote and I don’t trust that she won’t. There’s nothing she can say to me to make me believe that she’s not going to flip the house,” replied Victoria saying the only way Kiefer will be voted out is if Latoya stays on the block.

“So what if we make you that same promise that Latoya won’t flip the house?” asked Tychon.

“I can’t believe that. Latoya sent my ally home Week One by flipping the house and it was because of me not willing to flip on the last eviction that she didn’t do it again,” answered Victoria telling Jedson that after he won the PoV many people noticed that Latoya was the first to congratulate him.

Victoria had more to say about how she thinks Latoya has played the game.

“She did me dirty. She blew up my game. She proved to me she doesn’t trust me. I don’t know. I like her. I want to work with her. She’s a comp beast and I believe she’s one of the smartest people in this game. We can call in everybody. I have the votes for Kiefer to go. I need him gone,” she said.

“I completely respect your decision. The only thing I don’t respect is the threat of putting (Tychon) on the block after you literally swore on everyone in that letter from home,” said a disappointed Jedson.

“This is Big Brother and that was before you guys put the target on my back,” stated Victoria about the fact that they are joking with the other houseguests about what a strong player she is.

Victoria explained again how she wants to work with Jedson and Tychon but she is not comfortable with Latoya.

“It breaks my heart about the swearing over stuff because that isn’t me and that’s why I’m looking at you to please help me. I don’t want to break that promise and I won’t,” said Victoria.

“It feels like you’re coming for me right now,” said Tychon.

“I’m not coming for you,” said Victoria.

“That’s what it sounds like,” replied Tychon.

The meeting ended with Tychon and Jedson understanding where Victoria was coming from…at least they said they were.

When they discussed things on their own, neither were happy with how things went down. What both of them don’t know is that when they left the HoH room Victoria danced up and down saying about herself: “The best player to play this game!”

“I saw this coming,” said Tychon shaking his head as he and Jedson reviewed the meeting.

“What do we do? The only the only option we have other than leaving the noms the same would be exposing our whole alliance,” explained Jedson.

“And saying we have numbers?” asked Tychon wondering if they really had Tina and Tera on their side.

“The only option would be exposing the alliance and saying that we literally have seven strong and let that be the threat. If she doesn’t put up who we want, we are coming after her next week and we have the numbers to do it,” said Jedson.

“That’s a risky threat, though,” sighed Tychon,

Later, Beth came into the room to get the lowdown from Tychon.

“She is a liar and she has to pay for it,” said Beth after hearing what had happened.

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