Live Feed Update: HoH locks in their targets

Live Feed Update: HoH locks in their targets

MARCH 13, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

HOH Victoria has her sights set on evicting Latoya or Kiefer this week.

Latoya is on the block because she is a leader in the house and tried so hard to flip the vote and save Josh last week. Kiefer was nominated because he tried but failed to pin the attempted vote flip on Victoria.

Yesterday, Kiefer stated numerous times to various houseguests that he deserved to be nominated because of his lie.

Earlier in the day, Tera, Tina and Victoria met in the HoH room. Victoria made her targets very clear in their conversation.

“It’s fine because for next week the heat will be on me instead of you. Your move is clean. I don’t think anybody’s pissed about the Kiefer and Latoya choice. I don’t think they’re going to be upset with you,” said Tera to Victoria about her upcoming nominations.

“There is nothing anyone could do or say to change my mind. I’ve made up my mind but Latoya cannot win this PoV,” Victoria said adamantly.

“If there’s one thing I have learned is that these competitions are pretty even. You’re small, you’re agile and so many people have your back so don’t even worry. I know that Kyle has been talking so much s–t about me,” said Victoria to Tera.

Tera and Tina told Victoria that Austin and Breydon are ignoring them now.

“Well, that’s stupid on their part. You two are solid and amazing people and two solid and amazing numbers,” said Victoria. “You guys will be safe next week. No matter what happens you’ll be good. We got this you guys. You aren’t a big move.”

“If we can get rid of Latoya this week, they will only have each other and then we’ll have Kiefer,” Victoria predicted. “We just need to get Latoya out this week and then they’re going to be like chickens with their heads cut off. She’s their brain but Latoya is a secret. That cannot get out.”

Tera said she told Latoya to stop campaigning so hard for Josh and that if she didn’t her game would suffer for it and she was right.

“That’s going to be my speech. I don’t want her to know that she is the target,” said Victoria as the women went their separate ways.

Wondering what the day has in store for them and definitely feeling the heat, Latoya and Kiefer sat upstairs chatting.

“It could be worse. Only one of us could be up and then the PoV is used and then we get backdoored. That would be a worse situation,” said Latoya trying to look on the bright side of things.

“At least this way we have an opportunity for one of us to come down,” continued Latoya saying that Victoria is so unpredictable.

“She says one thing today and then another thing tomorrow, right? She’s saying that she would put Kyle up. If one of us comes down that Kyle is going up but that could change,” said Latoya.

If Jedson, Tychon or Tina are on the block or are the replacements, Kiefer thinks he will be voted out.

“Being away from the family is harder than I thought it would be and I just can’t be fake,” said Kiefer.

“I know. I’m really struggling with it. I’m telling you. I won’t be able to campaign. I won’t be able to do it. I think that’s going to be my downfall in here,” Latoya suggested.

“My campaign will be I’m a floater and I have nobody in this house,” said Kiefer.

Latoya said she is not happy that Kyle is sitting pretty right now.

“I just can’t be nice to him. I just can’t do it. I think he knows where I stand,” said Latoya of Kyle.

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