Live Feed Update: HoH sets risky plan in motion

Live Feed Update: HoH sets risky plan in motion

APRIL 19, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Jedson could be part of a very exclusive Big Brother club if Tera’s plan is successful this week.

At today’s meeting Jedson used the Power of Veto not on himself but on Beth instead. As per her scheme, Tera has nominated Breydon in Beth’s place beside Jedson.

If Jedson is evicted he will join Marcellas Reynolds and Brendon Villegas as the only Power of Veto holders in Big Brother history who didn’t use the power to save themselves and were then voted out of the game.

In order to execute the plan to fruition Tera is relying on Kiefer to vote for Jedson and Tychon to do the same and turn on his Trio alliance.

Tera, Tychon, Breydon and Kiefer held an impromptu meeting on the patio following the veto ceremony.

“They are on a honeymoon in there. They don’t know it will be over soon,” said Tera about Jedson and Beth.

“He didn’t even try to make it seem like he wouldn’t pick her over you,” said Tera to Tychon.

To Tera, Jedson never wanted to be put in a situation where his true loyalty to either Beth or Tychon was exposed.

“Now our game lies in the hands of a young Tychon,” joked Kiefer.

“You know where I stand,” replied Tychon immediately.

“I do. It is with us,” said Kiefer.

“It will be hard but you know where I stand,” said Tychon about having to evict Jedson.

“Let’s place bets. When will Beth pitch turning on Jed?” asked Tychon.

Kiefer, Tera and Breydon believe that will happen on Wednesday. Tychon thinks she will start that campaign tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, Tera met with Jedson in the HoH room.

“I do want to give Breydon a head’s up before,” she said about Jedson wanting to use the veto on Beth.

“You don’t want to completely blindside him,” said Jedson understanding how Tera feels about the situation.

Tera said she was going to tell Breydon that she has cut a deal with the Trio.

“He is going be pissed but that will be the only way that I can kind of lessen the blow,” she said.

“I trust you and I feel like this is the best plan for both of us moving forward. I appreciate you having an open mind and giving me options,” said a thankful Jedson as the meeting ended.

Tera then went to talk to Breydon alone.

“I am just pulling you aside for appearance purposes because I just confirmed with Jed that he is going to take Beth down,” said Tera.

“Here’s the thing, though. Do we trust this plan?” she asked.

“That’s my biggest stress,” said Breydon.

“I think it is a huge opportunity to take out Jed. I don’t like that I’m using you as a pawn. There is a risk. If for any reason you feel like you’re not comfortable I will tell him (Jedson) not to use it (the veto). I feel like we’re fine but there is the chance that they could be f—–g with us,” said Tera.

Tera asked if Breydon feels confident that Tychon and Kiefer will stay true to their word.

“I feel fine. I am always stressed. Do I love the idea that I am going on the block? Absolutely not but I understand,” he replied.

What the houseguests don’t know is that this week is a fake double eviction. Two people will be voted out but instead of going to the jury house they will battle in a competition. The winner will win their way back into the game while the other goes to jury.

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