Live Feed Update: HoH springs their trap

Live Feed Update: HoH springs their trap

APRIL 5, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

The HoH’s backdoor scheme became a reality at today’s Power of Veto meeting.

As expected, Rohan used the power to take himself off the block giving HoH Beth the opportunity to open the backdoor for a Victoria eviction.

Victoria joins Tera as the final nominations for the week.

Victoria expressed her surprise to Jedson, Tychon and Beth in the HoH room after the ceremony. She had thought they had a solid foursome going forward.

“I guess I definitely could have been more up front with some of the things that I was saying but I just figured that was part of the role, part of the role of playing both sides and being with you guys,” said Victoria copping to some of things she said about the trio.

Jedson explained that people they trust in the house told them that Victoria had mentioned putting himself and Beth on the block as well as making a comment about throwing Beth’s bags off the balcony.

“That’s the kind of stuff that makes me skeptical,” said Jedson.

“I was absolutely never coming for you guys. I was prepared to play this game with you guys until the end,” said Victoria.

“We were very serious too but then we hear all this stuff,” replied Jedson.

“I thought it was a great week. I thought we were all on the same page. I would never put you guys up. If I was, I would have done it last week,” said Victoria confirming to them that she was the Invisible HoH.

“It would make no sense to for you to do that kind of move. It’s a one week move. You burn one of us and the next week you’re probably going home,” said Jedson.

“I literally said to you yesterday that I’m so happy to be on the right side of the house,” said Victoria shaking her head.

Jedson said it wasn’t just the things she said. It was also not knowing where her head is at and the sketchy moves she had made in the past.

“I am a number for you guys. I am a fighter for you guys. It’s still so early in this game,” said Victoria citing Rohan as he next target.

“Did you ever say you were going to throw Beth’s bags off the balcony?” asked Jedson.

“No, I never said that. Whoever said that is lying,” answered Victoria.

“I am really sad you think I would betray you guys,” said Victoria as she hugged them before leaving the HoH.

Once Victoria left the trio was joined by Kiefer.

Although Beth didn’t believe all that Victoria was saying she is sure that Tera is deceiving them.

“There needs to be a sit down with everyone and Tera needs to be targeted,” said Beth.

Kiefer clarified that Victoria did indeed make the comment about Beth’s bags.

“I was in the room when Victoria said it. I was there. I am not lying,” he said.

“I think she was so calm because she got caught,” said Beth of Victoria’s reaction.

Out on the patio, Tina and Rohan tried to convince Tera stop worrying and just let the week play out.

“I think you are fine,” said Rohan.

“All I need is you, Tina, Braydon and Kiefer. It’s just four votes,” said Tera.

“Even if the boys wanted to keep her there’s no way Beth is going to let that happen. Beth is way smarter,” said Rohan.

“Get out of your head. If you get too into your head it will just make things worse,” Tina advised.

“There’s no way and no scenario where I would vote to keep her,” Rohan confirmed.

Victoria quizzed Kiefer in one of the bedrooms after he was done touching base with the trio.

“Kiefer, did you know? It is okay if you did,” asked Victoria about her nomination.

“No, I heard it was a possibility but I didn’t think Beth was going to do it,” he said.

“I am just sad. I love this game. I am definitely not ready to go,” sighed Victoria who is convinced that Tina, Tera and Breydon convinced the trio to target her. She warned Kiefer that Tychon did say he was coming after him as the next big threat.

“I think this is a shot they are willing to take. Beth wants me gone,” said Victoria.

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