Live Feed Update: House reels from eviction, HoH win

APRIL 12, 2018 | Posted By: jpowell

Live Feed Update: House reels from eviction, HoH win

John Powell – GlobalTV

The Big Brother house is staggering not only from a shocking eviction but also a surprising HoH win.

Kaela’s reign as HoH may be over but Daela is back in power since it was Derek who won HoH.

When the live feeds returned after the eviction show, Kaela, Derek held court in the HoH room with Olivia and Alejandra.

“He and her had a final two,” said Alejandra of Johnny and Erica.

“I knew it. I am not dumb,” said Kaela.

“The last thing we need is for all of them to band together,” said Alejandra of the others.

Kaela thanked Alejandra and Olivia for being honest with them.

“We trust you so much,” said Kaela.

Olivia reported that Johnny keeps pulling Will aside.

“He is trying to pull him back in somehow,” Olivia guessed.

“How is he going to do that when he just voted him out?” asked Kaela.

Olivia thinks Johnny is denying that fact to others in the house.

“Johnny was asking me if everyone was telling me to put Erica up. I was like, honestly, right now, I don’t want to say anything because I don’t know who I can trust,” said Kaela.

“Honestly, if he doesn’t f—–g stop, I am going to call his ass out,” said Alejandra.

Kaela hatched a scheme. She would casually mention the subject to Johnny again when Alejandra was in the same room so she could have it out with him.

“I feel bad too. I actually love Erica. I had her back until I knew she was going against me. If they would have won this week, we (Daela) would have been on the block and she would have been gung-ho for it,” said Kaela.

On the live eviction show, Canada used its Canada Saves power and pulled Ryan off the block. Kaela nominated Erica who was voted out by a margin of 5 to 2 with Johnny and Ryan being the votes to keep Erica.

As she left the house, Erica told Daela to do something which is physically impossible for any human being to do to themselves.

“I was told I was your number one target,” said Kaela.

“That’s cute,” said Erica as she climbed the stairs.

“I respect you a lot,” Kaela yelled after her.

“I don’t give a s—t,” replied Erica.

“I understand why Kaela had to do it because he cannot play as well as I can,” Erica told host Arisa Cox outside the house.

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Watch Erica’s After The Eviction Interview:



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