Live Feed Update: Houseguest stung by betrayal

Live Feed Update: Houseguest stung by betrayal

APRIL 20, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Out of the loop and on the block Jedson has discovered that he is the last to know that the Trio alliance might be no more.

Beth told Jedson that his friend Tychon is considering turning on the alliance and voting him out.

At the veto meeting earlier this week instead of taking himself off the block Jedson saved Beth. HoH Tera nominated Breydon in Beth’s place.

“He’s lying to you, Jed,” said Beth of Tychon as she broke the news to Jedson.

“Holy f—k!” gasped Jedson getting off the bed and pacing around the room taking deep breaths with his hands on his hips and his head down.

Beth asked Jedson to come and sit down. She kissed him as he did just that.

“He said that he could win every HoH and he will still never beat you,” said Beth revealing what Tychon said to her about his reason for breaking up the Trio.

Jedson sat up and put his head in his hands.

“It’s okay. I can still talk to him. I need you to stay calm. If you don’t stay calm I can’t help you. He knows he can’t do this by himself,” said Beth of the eviction vote.

Beth explained that things don’t look good though as she has spotted Kiefer, Tychon and Breydon talking alone many times.

“It is so f—–g stupid! I just can’t believe it!” said a stunned Jedson.

“I’m telling you because I tell you everything,” said Beth holding his hand.

“I’m so stupid,” sighed a frustrated Jedson.

“You cannot freak out, Jed. I am begging you,” said Beth.

Jedson assured her he would stay calm. Beth told him not to change his mood or reveal to anyone that he knows what is really going on.

“What should we do?” he asked.

Beth said she will speak to Kiefer, Tychon and let them know that evicting Jedson is bad for both of their games going forward. Beth understands where Tychon is coming from though based on the game he is playing.

“He has played a poor game other than being part of a trio. He hasn’t played a good game otherwise. He hasn’t had to make any big decisions. He hasn’t won any big competitions. He doesn’t have influence over people,” she said.

“He loses to everybody at this point not just me. He loses to Breydon. He loses to Kiefer. He loses to you and Tera. He loses to every single person in his house. I thought we were a solid unit. That’s where loyalty gets you in this game,” complained Jedson.

“I didn’t know Tychon was like this,” Jedson added.

What the houseguests don’t know is that this week is a fake double eviction. Two people will be voted out but instead of going to the jury house they will battle in a competition. The winner will win their way back into the game while the other goes to jury.

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