Live Feed Update:  Houseguests fear another vote flip

Live Feed Update: Houseguests fear another vote flip

MARCH 18, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

With only hours until the third live eviction of the season some of the houseguests are worried that yet another attempt at flipping the vote will throw a wrench in their plans.

Tychon and out-going HoH Victoria discussed the mood of the house as everyone prepared for the eviction vote and show.

“I am pretty sure we all want to vote the same way. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be unanimous for Kiefer,” said Victoria to Tychon when Jedson came into the HoH room.

“I see some sketchiness going on,” he reported.

“Like what?” asked Victoria.

“Kyle, Rohan and Tina are linking up and talking a lot right now. It just looks bad,” said Jedson.

“I bet they are trying to get the numbers to send Latoya home. That’s my guess,” Tychon predicted.

“That’s scary,” said Victoria.

Victoria then opened up and shared a piece of information she was going to let them in on after the vote today.

“Please don’t say anything as its right before the eviction, that girl is bad,” said Victoria.

“What did she do?” asked Jedson.

“She was trying to get Latoya out,” Victoria revealed. “She went to me, Austin, Breydon all on separate occasions saying it would be a big resume move to get Latoya out. I would be wondering where Beth is right now. I don’t know what her plan is or what she’s up but that girl cannot be trusted. She’s my target. I can’t have her in this house,” said Victoria claiming it is taking every fiber in her being not to blow up on Beth.

“She is pulling lies out of her ass now,” said Victoria.

Jedson flipped the conversation back to today’s vote and how it has him on edge.

“Every single week it has flipped at the last minute,” said Jedson.

“The whole point of putting Latoya up was so there wouldn’t be a flip,” said a frustrated Victoria.

Jedson and Tychon then went downstairs to check in with Tina and Beth.

“We are just trying to ensure it is not another s—tshow,” said Tychon to Tina about the vote.

“It had better not be a s—tshow,” Tina replied causing the entire room to break out in laughter.

“I am convinced there is going to be a secret power that is going to wipe out half of the house,” joked Tina making everyone laugh again.

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