Live Feed Update: ‘I don’t trust anybody. Do you?’

Live Feed Update: ‘I don’t trust anybody. Do you?’

APRIL 22, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Jed and Beth made a last ditch attempt to rescue Jed’s game and their alliance hours before the eviction vote.

Jedson and Breydon are on the block. Jedson won the Power of Veto but elected not to use it on himself. He saved Beth instead.

Jed connected with Kiefer laying out his reasoning, his pitch to stay once more.

“I think you don’t want to send me home. For your own game it is the best move to keep me in this house,” said Jedson warning Kiefer that a double eviction or an endurance challenge could be coming up and he is going to need Jed to shield, protect him.

“On my family, you are not touching the block. You know they are going to target you. If Breydon wins, you will be the target. If Ty wins, you will be the target,” said Jed promising Kiefer that he and Beth will not nominate him as part of a final three deal.

“Ty is terrified of resumes. If he has the chance to take you out he will do it. I know for a fact that those two guys can’t promise you that because that is their plan. Neither of them can beat you. They want you out,” Jed continued asking Kiefer to examine the decision purely from a game standpoint.

Jed said the plot to vote him out this week is a “dirty move”.

Kiefer shot down Jed’s arguments.

“You put me on the block, Jed, four days after double eviction. I can’t forget that. I can’t trust anybody. I cannot trust Ty. I don’t trust Breydon. I definitely don’t trust Beth,” he said.

“I apologize and I never should have done that but I just know that moving forward it is better for you if I’m here and especially if I’m pledging all my family and everything to keep you safe. That is something I will never go back on, ever. I just know that our relationship is so deep that we can we can get past this,” said a hopeful Jed.

Kiefer told Jed he wanted to speak to Beth. Jedson left and returned with her.

“He is turning so just push it,” Jed told Beth before she entered the room to speak to Kiefer alone.

“If Jed stays or goes it doesn’t matter. In this upcoming competition I am fighting for you. I will put Ty up before you. I will vote Ty out before I vote you out. You have seen that I am able to cut Jed. If that is what we are doing today then let’s do it. It sucks the way we are doing it but I will do it,” said Beth to Kiefer.

Kiefer sat in silence listening to all Beth had to say.

“He (Jed) put me on the block four days after a double eviction. His word means nothing. I was loyal to him for the entire game. I never looked his way. He nominated me when there were a lot of options. We are running out of options and I will always be an option to him even if he says I am not,” he replied saying he is betting on himself now and cannot do that if Jed is still in the game.

“You don’t just forgive and forget,” added Kiefer.

Kiefer told Beth that Jed should have used the veto on himself.

“It was an absolutely dumb move,” Beth agreed.

Tychon joined the conversation.

Kiefer told Ty that he doesn’t trust him and he “definitely” doesn’t trust Beth.

“What’s with the ‘definitely’?” asked Beth.

“I don’t trust anybody. Do you?” asked Kiefer.

What the houseguests don’t know is that this week is a fake double eviction. Two people will be voted out but instead of going to the jury house they will battle in a competition. The winner will win their way back into the game while the other goes to jury.

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