Live Feed Update: New HoH already making deals

Live Feed Update: New HoH already making deals

MARCH 19, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

After being one of this week’s nominees, Kiefer went from the outhouse to the penthouse by winning the HoH Competition. Kiefer was tied with Austin but beat her in a final showdown during the shuffleboard challenge.

In one of his first acts as HoH, Kiefer has promised Victoria safety for the week even though she was responsible for putting one of his allies on the block last week.

“Now that I am not HoH people are done with me,” Victoria sighed in Kiefer’s HoH room.

“I’m not,” laughed Kiefer.

Victoria wasn’t surprised that Laytoya went home.

“That’s why Tina and Tera didn’t really have a hard time voting her out. She didn’t campaign,” said Victoria.

“People are going to try to throw you under the bus and get me to put you up,” Kiefer warned stressing that Braydon is not on his radar at the moment.

“Please don’t listen to them,” asked Victoria.

“So basically, you two are the only ones who I am saying this to,” said Kiefer promising Victoria that he won’t put up her or Braydon on the block.

“I’m not going to say a word of this to anyone but I really appreciate this! I have your back in this game!” Victoria promised.

“Everyone’s paired up. I don’t know who to trust. You’ve told me the truth more than you’ve lied to me and I feel like I’ve told you the truth more than I lied to you,” said Kiefer.

“I feel like we have a real relationship. We’re both fans of this game. We both come from the same situation. We’re just here to do this. We can do this together. I have your back. If I hear anything, you best believe I’m going to let you know. You have my vote whenever you want it,” Victoria vowed.

On the live eviction show it was the Flip-Flop Queen who was dethroned. Latoya Anderson, the police officer from Pickering, was sent back to P-Town by a vote of 6 to 3. Jedson, Beth and Tychon were the only votes for her to stay.

“I think I played my best game and stayed true to myself and I am really proud that I got to have this experience,” Latoya said to host Arisa Cox.

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